Fortune Telling for Your Upcoming Bundle of Joy?

Pregnancy is, without a doubt, a trying, emotional, challenging, yet immensely rewarding period in every woman’s or couple’s life. There is so much anxiety and excitement packed into these nine months, that you may find yourself caught up between hoping it will all be over, sooner rather than later, and wishing it could last forever. At the end of the line your life will have changed for good. You will have a new addition to your family and will start the laborious yet exciting process of raising a brand new individual. You will help them hone skills, carve out a path for themselves and understand their identity. But what if you could know everything that is to come down the line before it actually happens? What if there was an occult way of knowing everything beforehand? If you knew a foul-proof fortunetelling method for your yet unborn baby existed, would you go for it? Would you use the knowledge thus accrued to shape the baby’s path? Or do you simply reject any such notions as complete and utter bogus?

Traditions from Around the World
In many Orthodox Churches in Eastern Europe, a ritual is performed immediately after a child has been baptized. During the ensuing party, the child will be held up by one of the godparents and made to choose three items off a trey. The trey has to be prepared in advance by the parents and contain symbolic items, allegedly indicative of all possible paths in life that the child may take. Popular choices include pens, coins, cutlery, glasses, books, etc.. The child will then choose the three items: the first item is their true calling in life, the second one is their actual profession and the third one stands for the complementary aspect to their existence. For instance, a child whose first choice is the pen is supposedly meant to be a scholar or a writer. If their second choice is a pocket calculator, this is supposed to mean that they will be an accountant or banker, and if they select a glass of alcohol for their third object, well… they will probably be very much into partying.

Horoscopes from Around the World
Perhaps the most often employed fortune telling method for babies comes from the diverse and often wonderfully wacky world of horoscopes. There are so many different types out there that it’s hard to even keep count. Traditional Western horoscopes are heavily dependant on the date and time of birth—there have been many cases in which the parents attempted to get pregnant on a certain date, in order to make sure they have a Leo, Aries or Cancer baby nine months later. Similarly, women who give birth via Caesarean section might be tempted to schedule their birth at a certain time, in order to influence the child’s birth chart, rising sign and so on. Another horoscope-related tool that is supposed to be very powerful are Chinese horoscopes, which take into account the year and month of birth. The Chinese horoscope cycle alternates every twelve years.

Author Bio
Paul is an Internet writer who focuses on parenting, pregnancy and child rearing, as well as divination methods. His writing blends sensible advice with slightly more left-of-the-middle insight on the Tarot, the I-Ching and horoscopes.

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