Tips for Throwing Your Kid a Great Birthday Party on a Budget

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If you have kids, you know they are expensive.  When it comes time to plan your little one’s birthday party, the thought of spending a bundle may be overwhelming, but here are a few tips to help minimize the cost and maximize the fun.

If you pick a theme, check online for cheap packages like: “discount super Mario party supplies”, to see if there are any screaming deals out there. If you don’t want to compromise on your thematic choice for less expensive options, consider what your printer can do.  Invitations, for one, can be done very nicely on your home computer and printed out with all kinds of graphics and colors.  Other decorations like plain balloons and streamers are much less expensive than the ones with graphics on them.

Food and drinks are the next big expenditure.  Unless you are totally inept in the kitchen, make and decorate your own cake.  Bought ones have who knows what in them, and all natural bought ones can run upwards of $40 or more.  They are kids, they want sweets, so just make a basic cake of the chosen flavor and simple icing.  Buy fancy candles to add decoration or berries instead of pricy cake decorating supplies that are full of dyes and can get expensive.  You’ll want to have a few snacks handy, but if you schedule the party in the afternoon you won’t be expected to provide anything but the basics to munch on.

Crafts and games or some other form of entertainment is necessary to keep the little ones busy and out of mischief.  It depends on the time of year and the age and interests of the kids as far as activities go.  Summertime is a great time for backyard fun, sprinklers, water guns and such.  Wintertime might be a better time to have a movie viewing party.

If your child is the center of attention and there isn’t any major catastrophe, the day will be considered a success.  Don’t break the bank throwing a gala for a 4 year old, they want to feel special and all that takes is a little effort and a lot of love.

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  1. Richard Carmichael says:

    Great article. We have done both (the very expensive and the cheap and cheerful birthday party). The kids had just as much fun at each and to be honest, would never have known the difference. Its all about family, good friends, games, physical activity, music, yummy food and lots of love.