3 Best Apps To Help Save Money on Your Next Grocery Bill

There are tons of great ways that you can save on groceries and provide for your family, most of which we have listed here. But did you know that you can find tons of great bargains by simply using your smartphone? Below are some of the best apps available for both iPhone and Android users that can help save on groceries— there’s even one listed that can help you “earn” some extra cash simply by purchasing the items already on your list.  And since all the apps listed below are free to download, there is no harm in at least giving them a shot.

1. Economy Shopping Lite: This app is the perfect instrument to have for shoppers on a budget. What it does is keep you exceptionally organized so that you spend only what you need to, i.e. no impulse buying. It helps consumers save in many different ways. The first is that is allows users to type in their grocery lists. This list alone can prevent you from purchasing unnecessary and costly items. But what makes this app so neat is that will store that list and then remind you whenever you possibly may be running low on an item by calculating the “date of last purchase.” It also allows users to store their purchasing history. This way you know where you purchased some of the cheaper items and can figure out who “generally” sells that particular item at a lower price. The real money saver is the grocery bill chart the app creates for you at the end of each month—this helps you keep track of where your money is going so that you can quickly figure out where you need to cut back. The app is only available only for iPhone users.  Price: Free

2.  Locavore: As you may already know, buying particular items that are in season are always substantially cheaper than those that are out of season. With that said, this neat app can help you save a bundle by listing what foods are in season and will also provide a list of nearby farmer’s markets so you know where you can purchase some of the freshest ingredients. As a bonus, it will even give a few factoids about the ingredient and will even suggest different recipes you can cook with it. This app is not only a money saver, but a time saver as well. The app is available for both Android and iPhone users.  Price: Free

3. CheckPoints: Available for both the iPhone and Android operating systems, this app is truly innovative in the money saving app market. Rather than giving you coupons for specific items in a store or showing your where certain discounts are around town, Checkpoint plays with the concept of earning reward points as you spend. This app will compensate you for purchasing common items that you already need and purchase regularly, such as toilet paper, toothpaste, and groceries. CheckPoint encourages users to spend by rewarding them with gift cards to restaurants, electronic stores, airlines, and more by simply purchasing items that are sold at select major stores. So, this means that individuals can earn money towards vacations and evenings out just by making their essential purchases at CheckPoint approved grocery stores, department stores, and pharmacies. This app makes saving money simple and fun. Rack up points every time you scan an item listed in the app’s index and by simply “checking in” at a CheckPoint location. Price: Free

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