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Home Decorations and Debt

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It’s holiday time; so you must be thinking of decorating your house once again. But, home decorations can be costly and this can lead you to double up the debt amount. So, after the holidays are over, you may again have to try the different debt reduction strategies in order to pay off the debts. But, wouldn’t it have been great if you could avoid falling in debt while decorating your home? You can avoid incurring debt if you practice frugal living and try out the “do it yourself” home decoration options.

Frugal home decoration options

Some of the frugal home decoration tips that can help you stay away from debt while decorating your home this Christmas, are:

  1. Make a decoration plan – First of all, you will have to make a plan as to how you would like to decorate your home. You can try to think of a plan of your own and can also discuss about it with your family members. You can do research on home decoration ideas and then create a plan of your own based on the different ideas. Write down the plan in details and list the items that you will require for this.
  2. Check your store room for items – After making a list of the items that you are going to require, check the store room in order to find out if there are any items left over from last year. This can help you save few dollars as you won’t be required to buy these items. For example, you may be able to find the streamers and balloons, some decorative papers, furnishing items, decorative candles and even left over paints.
  3. Check your affordability – Then, you will have to check with your affordability. It is really important to check with your affordability so that you do not end up crossing the limits while decorating your home. You should not let yourself flow away with the excitement of the celebrations. So, if required analyze your budgeting and modify it. Then, make the necessary expenditures on the items that will be required to decorate your home.
  4. Choose some unique items – You will have to choose some unique but cheap items in order to decorate your home. This is going to add a new dimension to your house. For example, you can use pine cones and color them of your own and put these at prominent positions in the sitting room. This is going to add glitter to your room. You can also buy second hand items to decorate your home as these are less costly.
  5. Use different themes – You can try out different themes to bring that necessary change in the rooms this holiday. Wallpapers are available at reasonable prices and so you can use those to create a new theme in your home. Different rooms can have different themes.
  6. Rearrange rooms and furniture – Another thing that you can do is rearrange the rooms. You can try shifting the furniture from one place to another. You can also buy and add some small furniture in the room. Buying some small furniture may not cost you much. Get some new lamp shade or else you can also try to make a new one of your own.
  7. Try painting rooms in different style – If you have paints left over from last year, you can use those to paint your rooms in a new fashion. You can simply work on one wall in a room and then another wall of another room to create a new effect. This is going to help add dimension to the rooms and a new look too.

All of these together can help you give a new look to the home and yet can help you stay within your budget. So, you may be able to avoid falling into debt while decorating your home.

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  1. Just finished the Dave Ramsey course on financial peace. He says if you haven’t saved the money for the holidays, then you don’t buy!

    I tend to agree with him.. Dee :)

  2. karen ho fatt says:

    I find that a little bit of paint goes a long long way and rearranging furniture are the best bets especially if you do it yourself of course.