Caffeine reduces Workout Pain

Caffeine Reduces Workout Pain

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Ouch! Got another leg cramp after that workout? Well maybe you should have drank a few cups of coffee or taken a caffeine supplement beforehand. Recent studies have shown that caffeine not only gives you an energy boost, but also lessen the pain and muscle cramps associated with rigorous exercise.

Coffee as a health drink

Recent studies on long term coffee drinkers mixed with new coffee drinkers expanded on the belief that coffee is a detriment to your health. It showed that not only does coffee promote health in many ways; it actually lessens the pain and soreness from exertion.If that wasn’t enough the steamy brew promotes blood circulation, elevates mood, and helps reduce stress.

One thing that happens is that caffeine blocks reception of the pain inducing endorphin adenosine. This happens with consumption of 2 cups of coffee or a caffeine supplement equivalent to 3 cups of coffee.

Coffee is heart healthy

Another way caffeine reduce muscle pain is that it raises heart rate and blood pressure, which in turn carries more blood and therefore, more glucose and oxygen to the muscles, the oxygen rich blood in the muscles help to prevent muscle fatigue.

Caffeine also causes the body to burn fat stores rather than use up the glycogen stored in the muscle (which is an added bonus for those whom are trying to lose weight), and so with the energy surplus the muscle is well provided with the energy it needs to perform and this reduces fatigue.

Caffeine also slows the buildup of lactic acid, which is the waste from the muscles burning glycogen and the source of those nasty cramps that we experience and could do without.

Caffeine also positively affects levels of calcium and potassium in the muscle which are vital for muscle performance, and also elevates plasma epinephrine, which is what attributes to the elevated heart rate and blood pressure, but also dilates air passages which is beneficial for bringing into the body the oxygen the muscle will need during heavy exercise.

Coffee and kinesiology

Studies in kinesiology research led doctors to study the way the brain and spinal cord are affected by pain and the way it’s processed. In trying to find ways to reduce or slow the pain processing centers the researchers found unexpected discoveries with the use of common coffee.

The newer coffee drinkers reacted in much the same way of the habitual coffee drinkers, so they came to the conclusion that medications based on the compounds of coffee and through its combination with caffeine may be a new way to fight pain. Conclusive evidence is still being tested but a whole new spectrum of pain fighters may be derived from the humble coffee bean.

Doctors suggest, a caffeine supplement taken before rigorous exercise combats swelling and muscle soreness.

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