Baby Diaper Cakes

bear-hug-pink-5tier-diaper-cake.jpgOn the lookout for a stand-out baby shower gift? Look no further. For the cost of a bouquet of flowers, you can present one of these adorable baby diaper cakes and be the talk of the baby shower, guaranteed.

Baby diaper cakes are really gaining in popularity as the must-have baby shower gift for a new mom. And that should come as no surprise, considering the absolute practicality of this very unique gift. They come in several sizes and are constructed with 25 to 120 disposable diapers depending on which cake you choose. The baby diaper cake is easily disassembled and every diaper is intended to be used by the new mom. The makers of this cake, Diaper Cakewalk, even offer an EcoFriendly diaper cake made from chlorine-free disposable diapers and loaded with organic baby care items.

baby-bee-blue-diaper-cake.jpgDiaper Cakewalk offers over 90 designs to choose from, including a cake for twins. And if you are hosting a baby shower, their diaper cakes make ideal baby shower centerpieces, and can double as your gift to the expectant mom. Their prices range from $35 to $179, so there really is a baby diaper cake for everyone. Give the expectant mom on your list a gift she will remember for years – a baby diaper cake from

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  1. I’ve always loved diaper cakes, they are such a cool idea. It’s to bad that I don’t have any more babies on the way. :) Maybe a “spa” cake just for mamas? hmm.

  2. Great Review! They are to cute!

  3. We love her designs and even carry them in our estore as well. Great review I must give to you.

  4. When my son was born I recieved the collest gift ever! My friends came to visit me in the hospital, and brought me an EcoFriendly Diaper Cake which was amazing. It was bob the builder theme, which is my 3 year olds favorite cartoon, and he enjoyed looking at the cake as well. I didnt even know that diaper cakes exist but what a cool idea! And im very into eco friendly, organic stuff so the cake was right on target. They used the upgrade option so it cake with all kinds of wonderful stuff inside, organic onesie, organic burp cloth, organic blanket, weleda cream- i love weleda products, and my favorite, Natursutten Pacifier— and a whole lot of ecofriendly diapers— what else can a new mom ask for?!?!

  5. Diaper Cake Becca says:

    Diaper Cakes really are a great centerpiece at the baby shower. They don’t wilt like flowers and they do double duty as both a centerpiece AND a gift to the new family. Plus they are so cute and definately create a “conversation starter” for guests that, maybe, don’t know each other!

  6. Diaper cakes make a great practical baby shower gift that include products the parents can actually use. They are fairly simple to make and can be made to match any baby shower theme.