Maternity trousers, underwear and dresses

When you are pregnant your body goes through many changes. These changes can sometimes cause discomfort which is why you need to make sure that you are wearing the most suitable and comfortable clothes possible. This said, no-one wants to look daudy or drab whilst they are pregnant. There was a time when pregnancy meant oversized t-shirts and drawstring trousers but nowadays there is a whole host of different styles for expectant mums.

Maternity Trousers

There are two main types of maternity trousers and these are ‘over the bump’ and ‘under the bump’. Many women feel more comfortable with one particular style than the other but it mostly comes down to preference. Over the bump style trousers tend to have a stretchy elastic waist band that is pulled over your bump. You can get both over and under style trousers in jeans, chinos, linen pants and work wear trousers.

Maternity Underwear

It is essential for expectant mums and new mums to choose the right sized underwear.  There are a number of ranges of dedicated maternity lingerie brands that not only design practical but also elegant underwear. Your breasts go through huge changes whilst you are pregnant and nursing so you need to make sure that you find a bra that can be adjusted as your body changes shape. Also look for a bra that has pockets for you to insert breast pads to capture any excess milk.

Maternity Dresses

The recent style craze for maxi-dresses has been great for those who are pregnant. Maxi dresses flow wonderfully over your body and are bright, breathable and very fashionable! These types of dresses allow your lower body much more freedom than a pair of tights or leggings would. They are usually made out of airy cotton fabrics which are great for mums who are experiencing hot flushes. Simple wrap dresses work really well for wearing at the office as they are made of soft and stretchy materials and we all know that a little black wrap dress will never go out of fashion!

Nearly all popular fashion retailers now have a maternity range in their stores for the style conscious mum to be. These ranges have really opened up the avenues of design and choice to pregnant women. With big brands now employing dedicated designers for their maternity sections the clothes that are on the rails are becoming much well thought out and suitable for people at all stages of pregnancy.

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