Before Your Little One Starts Kindergarten

My littlest one will be starting kinder next year and I am working on making sure she is ready. Nowadays, they expect so much from our kids at such an early age. It’s not fun and games in kindergarten anymore. She’ll be expected to know how to write, know her alphabet and her numbers.

She knows the alphabet and her numbers but writing with a pencil is not a favorite things of hers. LOL Oh, she loves to write with crayons and especially markers but not with a pencil.

Do you remember those huge pencils we used to learn to write with years ago. (Ok, I know, I’m showing my age. – LOL) Our little ones don’t get to write with those anymore. They have to have regular size #2 pencils. They are a bit hard to handle for a 4 or 5 year old.

But with so many kids at daycare centers who get the early learning in, those of us who keep our kids at home with us have to make sure our kids are up to date and can meet the challenges of kindergarten as well.

I found this website I wanted to share with you. It’s got lots of free printables for everything from kindergarten through 5th grade. Lots of activities too. Here’s the link for it: Kidzone I’m sure you’ll find it very helpful too. I’ve got my little one working on practicing her name right now and she’d doing great!

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