Most popular fossil womens watches

Even though they offer an extensive men’s line, there are also many Fossil watches for women, and these most popular fossil womens watches are what I want to outline a little further here, since I have personally used these watches and want to give testament to their fine qualities.

There are certain women’s watches offered by Fossil that are designed to be worn every day, and there are some that are geared more toward special occasions.  The first women’s model from Fossil that I became familiar with was the Charm Stainless Watch, which has a silver bracelet band.  This model is something I still wear out when I’m attending special functions, because it has a really delicate, elegant look.  The fact that it has a bunch of charms attached to it is often a good conversation starter as well.  Though the design of the band is funky, the face itself has a very classic analogue design.


The Tortoise Stainless Watch is another model that has quite a unique look.  The band of this watch is thick and solid in the bracelet style, but not woven like most bracelet type bands are.  This model also has a classic analogue style display, despite its unique look in other respects.  I think the craziest thing about this watch that I found really appealing is the 11 year warranty.  I figured this must be a good bargain no matter how you slice it, with a warranty that long term.

For a more dressed up take on a traditional timepiece look, I also really enjoy the Jessie Glitz Ceramic Watch.  The reason why I call it dressed up is because it has stones all around the analogue display.  This helps to elevate the look of the watch.  The band of this watch is a rose gold colour, which helps to make the watch look unique.  Like the above mentioned timepiece, this model also has an astounding 11 year warranty.


For a darker take on elegance, there’s also the Riley Mini Glitz Chocolate Ceramic Watch.  This model is similar to the above mentioned offering, but has a colour scheme that’s rooted in black and brown.  That being said, this watch is firmly entrenched in evening wear.  The band of the watch is in the brown bracelet type, which I think looks really nice with a business suit.  As with most of the watches from Fossil, the display of this watch is analogue, and so it has a classic look in this sense.

Keeping it on the dark side of things, another sort of neat offering from Fossil for women is the Multifunction Stainless Watch.  As the name of this timepiece indicates, the display is multifunctional, meaning that it displays several factors other than the time.  This watch is also black overall, but the display itself is blue.  I really like this colour combination, as I believe it to be somewhat unexpected for a woman.  This is the kind of watch that I’ve been asked about several times.

The overwhelming majority of the most popular fossil’s watches for women have the bracelet type band, though rubber and leather are of course available.  I would say that the type of band you want depends on what you want it for.  The bracelet style is certainly the most elegant looking, but it’s definitely the least durable.  Then again, not everyone wants to walk around with a piece of rubber attached to their wrist.

The choice to buy Fossil watches for a woman is one that can be made for several different reasons.  The only way to be sure these watches are for you is to look into them yourself.

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