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Mention dinosaurs to a room full of children at your child’s party and you’re likely to get an instant reaction. Expect lots of snarling and baring of teeth, clomping around and arms used to simulate long, sinewy necks. You might even get a few mangled names, mostly ending in “Rex”.

Then, when it’s going home time and you bring out the party bags, give them (and their parents) a real surprise by including a kid’s t-shirt with a dinosaur printed on it in each bag, and the child’s name underneath. It’s simple, memorable and not expensive when you have the idea to get some printed t-shirts for that special kids’ occasion.

There is nothing that children like more than a present, and though they are often swayed by the latest “in” thing in the shops or saturated by TV advertising, a personalised item of clothing is guaranteed to make their eyes light up when they receive it as a gift. Children love clothes, and though they may have their own very firm views as to what colours they like, they can be bowled over by a carefully chosen t-shirt or sweatshirt that has an image that they like.

It’s easy to buy the standard, advertised images of TV series characters or pop stars, but for originality and to make your little one’s eyes pop open, try designing your own personalised item instead.

Printing techniques today allow you to create one-off designs, or a dozen or many more if you choose. Imagine you are off on a family outing, with your children, nephews and nieces and some friends with their children as well. Perhaps you’re off to a big park where there is plenty of opportunity for the kids to run wild and have a fantastic time. You’ll all be keeping a watchful eye throughout the day, but when there are lots of other kids around as well it can be easy to lose track of them.

Not, however, if you have equipped them all with a custom-made t-shirt or sweatshirt, all in the same colour and with an attractive and recognisable image on the front. They will love to wear them, making them feel part of a special adventure outing, and you and the other adults will be able to spot them easily when rounding them up for home time.

Schools also find printed t-shirts and sweatshirts a great way of being able to identify the year group on an outing to a museum or other educational place. The school’s logo and name can be embroidered onto the garments, are very reasonably priced and last until the child grows out of the clothing. As that is usually every year at least, the ability to access cheap printing processes is essential, with bulk orders proving very affordable.

T-shirts for kids can be imaginative and fun – get your children to make their own designs and then watch their faces as you deliver t-shirts featuring them.

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  1. Alex from Design says:

    I would love to order such kind of customized t-shirt for my kid. Kids are growing up very fast and my son had his favorite outfit that he loved to wear and now he is too big for it. I can order something similar for him I guess.

  2. Sridhar says:

    Hey there! I’ve been reading your weblog for a while now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Humble Texas! Just wanted to tell you keep up the good job!

  3. t-shirt printing uk says:

    I totally agree with Alex, this is such a great idea. Children would love it :)