Road trip activities for kids

So this year, you and the family have decided that to save a little money (on airfare) and to create some special memories, you would take a road trip. You’ve rented a van, you’ve got your GPS system programmed and everyone is packed up and ready to go. All you need to do now is figure out some creative ways to keep the kids entertained on your trip.

Honestly, one of the ways to keep you from having to load your car up with too many toys is to travel during their usual sleep time, but for those hours when they are wide awake, here are some road trip activities for children that are sure to keep them cool, calm and content.

Use technology. Sometimes kids are on their electronic equipment too much, but if ever there was a time when it’s appropriate, it would be during a road trip. After all, even airline companies provide us with movies to watch during long commutes, so don’t feel bad about encouraging them to bring their laptops or iPods along to watch their favorite films or listen to some of their favorite tunes. You can even download some of their favorite books to their laptops or iPods with Google Play or your local library.

Create a documentary. If you have a portable camcorder or a digital camera, why not let them produce their own documentary about their travels? They can take pictures of things that interest them along the way and interview the family about what they like about taking road trips. For younger children, you might want to purchase a couple of disposable cameras, instead. They’re relatively cheap and are much harder to damage than expensive equipment.

Take a couple of breaks. For long road trips (over 4 hours), schedule out some time for the kids to get out and stretch their legs. If you bring along a football or soccer ball, or even a Frisbee, they can play a game of catch at a rest stop. Don’t forget that one of the stops can be for food. Kids like feeling apart of the planning process, so give them a couple of dining options to choose from.

Play some road trip games. Most of us remember playing a round of “I Spy” or “Find that license plate” or singing “99 Bottles of Beer” (although, with the kiddies, it may need to be of “99 Bottles of Juice”). Some of those activities were the best memories when it came to taking road trips with the family. If you’re looking for a plethora of options, has a list of a ton of road trip games that children of all ages can play.

Let them draw. Did you know that Crayola has a brand of washable window markers? OK, when it comes to anĀ  enterprise car hire, you might be hesitant to consider this, but it really can work on any car and is a fun activity for children of virtually any age. For around six bucks, your kids are provided with a variety of colors to draw on the car windows and all you need is a baby wipe to remove their art work when they’re done. Honestly, just being given permission to write on windows will probably keep them occupied for a good hour all on its own!

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