Should you consider cosmetic surgery?


While cosmetic surgery is a trusted way to improve your physical appearance, it’s still surgery. It comes with all the same risks as undergoing any other surgery. Before going under the knife for optional surgery, you’ll want to carefully consider the risks and the rewards.

There’s a range of reasons why people decide to undergo cosmetic surgery. It can take years off your appearance, help you lose those last few pesky pounds, and make you feel better about yourself all around. Before deciding if it’s for you, it’s a good idea to consider exactly why you want the surgery. If you aren’t happy with the results, you won’t be able to change that. Before investing in the surgery and recovery costs, see if there are any non-surgical ways you can achieve the results you’re wanting.

Cosmetic surgery rarely perfects your image or a part of your body, but it will improve it. If you go into your surgery date expecting perfection when you wake up and heal, you may be disappointed. Before deciding on surgery, write a list of the reasons you want the surgery and why.

If you believe a physical deformity or issue limits your social abilities or hinders any part of your life, cosmetic surgery could be your answer. Though plastic surgery can greatly improve a person’s confidence and body image, there’s no guarantee that you’ll come out of surgery with improved self-worth, especially if your struggles with these issues stem from a deeper issue than just your physical appearance. Evaluate the state of your mental health before deciding on surgery.
Once you’ve decided you would like a cosmetic procedure, look into less invasive ones, like thread lifting, Botox, or laser skin resurfacing before you opt for the surgical procedure. Anesthesia has harmful effects on several bodily functions, like digestion and sleep, and will affect those functions possibly for months after the surgery. Doctors warn that for some patients the full results of their procedure won’t even be evident for up to six months or longer after surgery so if you’re looking for a quick fix, surgery isn’t your best option.

If you decide surgery is the right option for you, it’s essential you find a good doctor. Botched cosmetic procedures will ruin your appearance and in the hands of a bad doctor, it’s definitely a possibility. Spend plenty of time researching reputable doctors in your area and meeting with all of them until you find one that you’re most comfortable with. Request before and after shots of their patients, ask for testimonials, or some of them may even connect you with previous patients who can verify their level of expertise. Even a simple procedure in the wrong hands can leave you deformed so finding the best doctor should be your top priority.

Many doctors advise that all cosmetic surgery patients should understand that all procedures, no matter how great the results are, come with drawbacks. There are dangers inherent with every form of surgery so make sure you and your doctor discuss these dangers in depth before you make a final decision.

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