Work at home jobs for moms: Our top 5 ideas

Just because you’re a stay at home mom does not mean you have to give up on your career dreams. More and more people are working from home, and technology is there to help you create a fantastic job that fits your schedule and your life. Sure, we all love spending time with our kids, but without work to offer some adult distractions, your calm enjoyment can begin to fray. There’s also the whole money thing to contend with. You want to stay home and be there for your kids, and who can blame you? But many families simply cannot survive on one income, or need to have an extra income stream in case something happens to the primary breadwinner. There are many things you can do to earn money from the comforts of home, but some jobs are a better fit for your particular lifestyle than others. Here is a look at five of the best work at home options for moms, that each take a different set of skills and a different time commitment. But each one will help you earn extra money while enjoying all the perks of building a business.

Virtual administrative assistant. If you aren’t particularly entrepreneurial, or simply don’t have the time and energy to put into building a business from scratch, you may want to explore becoming a virtual administrative assistant. Due to the prevalence of video-conferencing and web connectivity, many companies are outsourcing their administrative work. It helps corporations keep their costs down, while providing steady income streams for thousands of stay at home moms. You don’t necessarily need a lot of education to qualify, just strong communication, writing and computer skills.

Home child care service. If you’re a stay at home mom, chances are you absolutely adore your kids and enjoy being a part of every moment of their growth and development. You can take advantage of this natural love by starting a child car service out of your home. You’ll be helping out other moms who need daycare for their children but don’t want to drop them in a busy setting and prefer to have other moms watching their little ones. You can also start it off small and contained by watching your friends’ kids, and then grow it as big as you have time and energy to handle. This will work best if you have a spare bedroom, so it doesn’t take over your house, but you can often keep it contained during work hours so the house is calm at night.

Avon eRepresentative. Avon has been in business for generations, so if you have the drive to be your own boss but don’t want to start from scratch, this wellness and beauty company may be the perfect partner. Most of their sales have gone online, and you can take care of the majority of your business right on your computer. You’ll earn a commission on everything that sells out of the online store you manage.

Ebay business. Tons of people earn money using this online auction portal, and moms can certainly take advantage. Selling on Ebay is great, because you can do a lot when you have time and scale it back when you’re busy, without sacrificing anything. It’s also a great way to get rid of the clutter clogging your closets and basements.

Freelance writer. If you have an aptitude for writing, you can make consistent money writing blogs and articles online without having to launch and brand a business. It draws on all of your general knowledge, and is a great source of part time income even when you are busy. Check out Craigslist and you’ll find plenty of people looking for article writers.


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  1. tinafreysd says:

    The Internet functions as a meeting place for job seekers and employers, and the ability to be online has further made it convenient to work from home..

  2. The Working House says:

    We tried Ebay business and it is quite working good in the internet marketing!

  3. Why not to become a freelance writer? I know many of the custom writing services that could be a great opportunity for moms at home.

  4. Catherine Lindsey says:

    I’d like to add one more option to this list of work from home jobs – medical transcription. In fact, medical transcription has traditionally been a popular work at home job and involves converting voice recordings of doctor dictations in to written reports.

    You may need to take some courses to kick start your medical transcription career. Career Step’s online medical transcription training course is an excellent program to learn the required skills. Students can complete this program in 4-12 months!