Beauty tips for busy mums

Busy mums are expected to do it all – work, clean, daycare, and take the kids to extracurricular activities. With such a ‘to-do’ list, there isn’t really much time for mum to keep up with her beauty routine. But everyone deserves to feel and look beautiful, regardless of whether they’re a working mother, stay-at-home mum, baby sitter, teacher or grandma. That said, here are the most useful beauty tips for busy mums.

Fast Skin Care

There are face washes, scrubs, serums, moisturizers, eye creams, and sunscreens that should be applied daily; however, they take time and time is limited! Fortunately, there is a much quicker way, and it’s easy enough to be done in 5 minutes or less. Not everyone has the time to whip out the face wash every morning, so a trick is to use face toilettes in the morning to wake up the skin. Or you can use a warm washcloth to press onto your skin – massaging the face gently with the cloth. Then continue to apply daily moisturizers because it’s important not to skip this beauty step.

Be sure to look for moisturizers that do double-duty; for instance, a moisturizer with an SPF of 15 or higher that also combats aging will keep your skin hydrated all day. An even better shortcut is to use a tinted moisturizer instead of foundation because it takes less time by eliminating a foundation routine.

Quick Makeup

Applying makeup becomes a last thought for busy mums since it can take several minutes out of the day; but it can be done even if it’s applied in intervals! So before getting the kids ready, and after moisturizer has been applied, apply the foundation of choice.

Mineral makeup is an easy-to-apply foundation, works for most skin types, and can be applied fast. Mineral powder makeup also tends to look the most natural, thus helping you avoid a cakey effect without bogging your pores with chemicals. Next, you can go make breakfast, but before clearing the table, apply a mascara. Put on a few coats of mascara to make you look more awake, and enhance your eyes by making them appear bigger and brighter; mascaras that are volumizing and waterproof work best.

Ship the kids off to school or lay them down for a nap – and when that is happening – the time to apply lip gloss has arrived. Lip gloss with a moisturizing finish works best and keeps lips from getting chapped. Re-apply as often as necessary throughout the day to maintain beautiful look.

Double Duty Coconut Oil

Instead of spending large amounts of money on special makeup removers or hair masks, try using coconut oil for removing makeup and to add shine to your hair. Coconut oil will help hydrate your skin while removing the dirt and grim that accumulates throughout the day. Apply coconut oil to the ends of hair to reduce breakage, split ends and dull color. You can leave it in overnight and wash it out in the morning. This reduces the amount of time and money that makeup cleaners and expensive hair masks cost. If you can’t find coconut oil on your grocery shelves, you can also use extra virgin olive oil.

Fuel your Body Right

Instead of filling up on chemically-enhanced juices and sodas, focus on drinking plenty of water! Water improves the quality of skin, hair and nails, making styling and maintaining a good complexion much easier. It will also increase your energy levels and decrease bloating. Also, eat plenty of organic fruits and vegetables instead of potato chips and cookies; this provides more energy for the day.

Fix the Oily Scalp

Sometimes there is no time for showers, which inevitably means no time for shampoo! Fortunately, there is a lovely product that’s increasing in popularity and it’s known as dry shampoo. It can be a real lifesaver on days where the clock is ticking away. It’s easy to use because all you do is spray it into your hair, wait a minute to let it set, and then work your fingers through the hair. It’ll soak up the oil in no time – leaving the hair looking clean. Baby powder or loose setting powder can also used; just beware of not using too much as it can be a pain to spread out.

Faux Glow

Not everyone is naturally tan, but it can be a major confidence booster if your skin has a nice glow. Use a sunless tanning lotion to achieve a healthy tan without leaving the house. There are plenty of face and body tanners as well from all of the best brands such as Oil of Olay.

Shape Eyebrows

Eyebrows are very important and need to be maintained so they don’t get bushy and unsightly. Fortunately, it’s not impossible to keep your eyebrows shaped. Start off with a professional waxing, and then maintain them at home with tweezers. And remember that shaped eyebrows also make eyes look more awake and alert, in addition to adding confidence.

With all of the errands a mother has to do, it can definitely be tough to find time to do self maintenance. But as with anything, when there’s a will, there’s a way!

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