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5 fun family activities for summer

5 fun family activities for summer

Summer vacation is the perfect time to get your whole family together more often since your kids’ schedules are much less demanding. If you’re in need of ideas for fun family activities for summer, here are some easy and fun ones the whole family will enjoy.

There’s no concert season like summer. Most artists do a summer tour so you’re sure to find at least couple shows the whole family would be interested in. You don’t have to buy pricey tickets for artists at sold out venues, either. Look online or in local publications to find concerts in the park and other local concerts that usually cost very little. If your kids are old enough, another option is one of the many music fests going on at any time during the summer months all over the country. There are more kid-friendly ones and you can find any information about them online.

Load up your gear and take the family camping. Not only is it a great way to get your family alone with each other, it gets everyone away from the stress of every day life. Instead of spending time glued to electronic devices, your family can take a hike to a swimming hole together and then cook hot dogs and corn on the cob for dinner. Finish the night off with s’mores and stargazing and you won’t hear a single complaint about not having cell service from your kids. Time together outdoors will help rejuvenate the whole family.

Summer is a great time to hit up all the local attractions like theme parks, museums, water parks, aquariums, and sporting events. Look online and in your newspapers to find deals offered on admission prices. Since your kids aren’t in school, you’ll also be able to take advantage of weekday prices. If you start researching early enough you may even be able to find special prices on season passes or other ways places help locals get discounted tickets.

For those scorching hot summer days, load the family up and spend a few hours in a cool movie theater to escape the heat. Let each family member take turns picking which movie everyone sees. Summer is also a perfect time to hit up the drive-in. A classic summer hangout, drive-ins allow the family to see a movie together in a more open and unique atmosphere. Some folks take a grill and enjoy dinner while they watch the movie. Some drive-ins do double features so you’ll be able to catch two flicks for the price of one and since you usually pay per car, it’s cheaper than seeing movies in the theater.

What summer would be complete without picnics? Plan a family picnic each week or month during which you load up your picnic basket and head to a nearby park to dine outdoors together. Take a Frisbee, soccer ball, or capture the flag supplies and play a game together to work up an appetite. If you can’t get the family out for a camping trip, use your picnics to cook some s’mores and stargaze before heading home.

Summer allows time for plenty of different family activities. No matter what your budget is, there are tons of options to entertain the family while spending quality time together.


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