Police fleece jackets for men

When police officers find themselves in scenarios involving ice, wind, snow and rain they look for the best possible way to stay warm on the job. Finding a police fleece jacket that is breathable and safe from both water and wind is not a difficult task with Blauer. Blauer’s jackets are highly customizable with snaps, panels and special pockets for badges, cell phones and microphones.

Blauer offers jackets for law enforcement professionals that feature PolarTec material, which is breathable and resistant from wind. At the same time, these police fleece jackets do not restrict officers from running, jumping and crawling at a moment’s notice. The jackets close with a convenient zipper and include hand warming pockets. Washing the jackets is simple as they require very little maintenance.

Blauer’s line of rainwear for law enforcement officers is meant to keep professionals looking sharp and dry during the course of duty. Officers should be focused on their work, not on the distractions often caused by cold weather and all that comes with it. One of the major distractions is the fear that officers are not visible in the inclement weather. Fortunately, Blauer’s rain outerwear comes in bright colors that meet safety standards despite fog, rain, snow and hail.

Keeping Officers Out of the Cold

Click here to check out a selection of police sweaters that are ideal for weather conditions that do not include excessive wind and rain. These sweaters are warm but will not trap body heat and cause discomfort and restriction. Blauer sweaters have a professional appearance but they offer more than just looks. They will keep an officer looking sharp outside and feeling warm inside.

Whether officers are looking for a jacket, sweater or raincoat that is lightweight or heavy duty, Blauer is the best place to find the perfect items. Blauer has all the bases covered. The jackets and sweaters are not heavy or burdensome when officers need loose clothing that will not obstruct or deter them from doing their duties. Choosing a soft fleece sweater, a windbreaker, a bright jacket for foggy nights or a heavy jacket for the snow has never been so simple.

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