Buying your daughter her first bra

It might seem like only yesterday you were watching your daughter take her first wobbly steps on her own. Now she wants to wear makeup, spend more time with her friends, talk about boys and buy a bra. Though you might naturally want to fight the fact that she’s growing up, buying her first bra is a rite of passage for her and she’ll want her mom’s help and counsel. Here are some tips to help you in buying your daughter her first bra.

If you’re concerned that she’s too young to be worrying about wearing a bra, don’t be. Whether she’s an early developer or wants to wear a bra to fit in with the other girls in the locker room, you should listen to her. She’s probably already uncomfortable enough with the changes she’s experiencing and a training bra or cami could help her feel more comfortable so it’s a worthwhile purchase. The bras can help even out the contours she’s seeing through her clothes and if it will help her self-esteem, there’s no need to worry about her age. Most girls start wearing bras between ages 8 and 13 but there really is no “right” age.

Depending on her development you may be able to easily guess her bra size. It’s not a bad idea to measure anyway though to help her find a bra that fits comfortably. If she’s not comfortable being measured in a department or intimates store by a stranger, you can do right at home before you start shopping. To get her band size, use a measuring tape and wrap it around her ribs, just beneath her breasts. Hold it firmly but comfortably and the inches will be her band size. For the cup size, put the measuring tape around the fullest part of her bust and the difference in the numbers will be the cup size. A half inch or less is AA. An inch to two inches is A, etc. To start out, a training bra, camisole, or sports bra will suffice for most girls but you’ll still want to check her cup size.

If she’s not comfortable going to a store to try on bras, you can of course do some “click here” shopping online. However, especially since this is her first bra, trying them on is an important step in finding one that fits and is comfortable and since she doesn’t need much support just yet, comfort is the most essential trait for her bras. While shopping with her, encourage her to try on as many bras, in different styles, brands, shapes, and designs until she finds a couple that she likes and that will fit easily with her wardrobe. You’ll want to get at least a couple bras so she has choice and so she can wear with them under multiple outfits. You may also want a sports bra to keep her comfortable during P.E. and sports.

See, that wasn’t so painful, was it? Now that bra shopping is over you can relax a little until she turns 16 and you have to start letting her drive!

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