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Fun baby nursery decorating ideas

Fun baby nursery decorating ideas

Preparing your baby’s room for when he or she comes home can be one of the more fun parts of nesting. You’re creating the place in which your baby will spend its precious first years so you’ll want the room to be not only welcoming but also engaging.

When deciding your color and theme choices, keep in mind, the nursery should be a place that the baby and Mom and Dad would enjoy spending time. A shocking, hot pink may not be the best choice to create a warm and welcoming feeling. Your theme will dictate your color choices but be sure to choose colors that you like to look at, too. Choosing more neutral colors will make it easier to redecorate in a few years.

Show your baby that sky is the limit by using a cloud and sky themed nursery. You can place clouds on the ceiling or a sun in corner using paint and a DIY design book. Tie the theme into the crib by making your own mobile that has birds, clouds, or the sun, the moon, and stars.

Promote your baby’s language development by filling the nursery with the alphabet. Any color scheme would work with this theme and it gives you a lot of options for how to use the letters. You could start by placing the baby’s name somewhere on the walls for her to look at every day. You could paint letters and matching pictures on the walls (like dog for D etc.). The mobile could have random letters or the letters of the baby’s name.

Create a nature lover by filling the room with animals and plant life. An underwater theme would work for this as well. Paint the walls with some foliage, a garden, or a whole forest and fill the room with plenty of stuffed animals in different species. Again, use the mobile to bring the theme into the crib.

If you’re starting simple with just a color theme and feel like the nursery walls need love still, you have many easy and cheap options. You can create a rich, textured wall by painting alternating vertical strips with a matte finish paint and glossy finish paint in the same color. Or you can use sponges to create a cloudy look. If you don’t want to paint more than necessary, you could also apply nursery wall decals in a ton of different themes. Available in anything you could want from clouds, to trees, to under the sea, to the alphabet, decals are easy to apply and just as easy to remove if you change your mind. You could even just write out the baby’s name or an inspirational quote using letter decals.

No matter what fun nursery theme you choose, just have fun creating your baby’s space. Once you have your theme picked out and applied to the room and crib ready, make your priority a comfortable rocking chair so you’ll have a special place to spend time with your little one. The nursery might just become your favorite spot in the house!

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