Laser hair removal for women

If you’re a woman, do you loathe your leg hair? Check. Does having to shave just to wear shorts and dresses grate on your nerves? Check. Do you wish there was a way to get rid of it forever? Check.

Body hair can be quite the nuisance. For women, societal norms dictate that leg and underarm hair is rather unpleasant. Even men may be itching to remove leg and underarm growth, or even that dreaded back hair. Constant shaving can bring about problems, however.

Disposable razors tend to dull very quickly, and can create painful and unsightly razor burn. Electric shavers are another option, but they can be expensive, and you still have to shave quite frequently to remain hair-free.

No matter how good your razor is, the hair will still grow back once it’s cut. Even waxing treatments, which can be very painful, can’t prevent hair growth.

That’s why laser hair removal procedures are so revolutionary. When your hair is lasered off, the root of the follicle dies, preventing any regrowth. You’ll never have to worry about your bikini line, or the smoothness of your legs again, because lasers make sure the only hair growing is on your head. Most people experience at least an 80% decrease in hair growth after the first laser treatment. You may require additional treatments within a year.

Though laser hair removal is a very effective procedure, there are a few limitations to be aware of. Laser treatments only work on brown or black hair. If you have areas that are blonde or red in colour, the lasers won’t work well. It’s also important that you not tan. Be it a tanning bed, or the rays of the sun, tanned skin is not suitable for laser treatment.

Patients should also not wax, or use any hair removal cream at least six weeks prior to the procedure. It’s also recommended to shave the day before the laser removal. It doesn’t matter what color your skin is for laser treatment. From the palest alabaster, to the darkest ebony, all skin types are prime for procedures such as Urbana laser hair removal.

So if you’re sick of body hair, take the next step to freedom, by calling a doctor for a consultation. All your questions and concerns will be answered, and you’ll receive a quote for the procedure. As technology progresses, beauty and health innovations bloom. Become a part of the new generation and get your consultation today.

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