How to buy snowboard gloves and jacket

A good time on the mountainside depends on more than just a reliable snowboard. The conditions can turn uncomfortable and dangerous if you aren’t prepared with the right outerwear as well, and in those situations even getting down the mountain to warmth and safety can be a daunting task. Choosing the proper snowboarding gloves and a jacket with the right materials and accessories is key to being prepared for your next snowboarding trip. Turn to the selection at and you’ll find a variety of styles and designs from the top manufacturers, all featuring the best in protection and comfort.

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The right pair of snowboarding gloves must strike a balance between performance and function. It’s one thing for the gloves to keep your hands warm and dry but if they don’t allow you to work your bindings, goggles or other equipment they are useless. The best gloves combine protection with a individual finger design and flexibility that allows full finger movement. Gloves are important because the hands and fingers are very vulnerable to cold. When flying down a mountainside the cold air rushing by can quickly lead to frostbite or other injury and discomfort. Combine that with the moisture from the snow and it’s easy to see why wearing gloves is a must. Snowboarding gloves, regardless of the brand, will feature water and windproof outer shells with warm and soft inner layers. They’ll strap on around the wrists tightly to lock in warmth as well.

Jackets work on the same principle as the gloves. They feature tough outer shells to not only protect the body during falls but also keep it warm and dry. While the torso isn’t as susceptible to the dangers of cold and moisture as the fingers a jacket will still keep boarders comfortable. And the top-tier ones feature locking pockets for essentials like first aid gear, water bottles and more. Like all clothing a snowboarding jacket can come in a limitless choice of colors and designs. Finding the proper one is all about getting a size that fits snugly and warmly without restricting the movement needed to perform on the slopes. From there finding a style that suits you best is a matter of checking out which brands offer what choices.

Gloves and jackets can make a world of difference when snowboarding and in many cases prevent dangerous cold-related effects from setting in. Visit here to get a look at some of the top manufacturers and the lines of gloves and jackets they offer for any level of snowboarder.

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