Make Time for Yourself, Mom

The keyword in the title is “Make”. You and I both know as moms we have a difficult job on our hands. We wear lots of different hats, and I don’t mean the pretty decorated ones. lol We get so busy, we forget we need time too. We may know how important it is to take time for ourselves but we make excuses that there just isn’t time.

I have to agree with you, there isn’t just going to be free time, that’s where the “making time” comes in to play. It really may be easier than you think to “make” some time. First of all, come to terms with the fact you’ll always be busy, there will always be somethign that needs done or taken care of. You’ll probably never get a whole day to yourself, I know I won’t, but you don’t need a whole lot of time. Take 30 minutes or an hour here and there.

Give yourself a little time to have a nice bath and read your favorite book or magazine. Go for a quick walk, to the gym or even treat yourself to a little pampering. Just sit back with a hot cup of coffee, tea or cocoa, a light snack, a piece of fruit or whatever you enjoy and just relax.

As a mom you have an important role in your family. Mom’s are often the backbone of the family and help to keep everything together and running smoothly. Realize your role is so important that you can’t afford not to take care of yourself.

Taking a little time for yourself allows you to recharge your batteries and come back to your family with a fresh outlook. You will not be the only one to benefit from this either. Both your spouse and your kids will benefit too because you’ll feel better and just generally be more relaxed and happy.

If you’re finding it difficult to make the time, talk to your husband about it. Let him know how important this is to you and work out some arrangement that will fit the whole family. Chances are your husband will be more than glad to give you some free time.

Pre-schedule a few times on your calendar and treat it as an appointment. You don’t have to start with a lot of time. Start with 30 minutes.

By making time for yourself you are not only ensuring you are happier and more satisfied with your life, but you’ll also be teaching your children the importance of taking care and valuing themselves. Set the example for them and you’ll be doing good for all concerned.

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