The power of music for children

Music is transcendent. It allows those listening to it to escape from the stresses of the world and perhaps come to appreciate beauty and skill a bit more. For those performing music, its effect is even greater. Moms should strongly consider involving their children with music programs. Here are three reasons why:

* Music is a great hobby – Playing music is a lifelong hobby that gives kids something to do. Music teachers in Atlanta and other cities with high crime rates help kids stay out of trouble by giving them something productive to do when they are not in school. As kids grow up, schools and communities provide opportunities to play with others in a controlled, safe environment.

Further, kids love playing music. Unlike other after-school activities, kids who become involved with music at a young age develop an interest in practicing and getting better without requiring much encouragement.

* Music helps develop growing brains – Studies have consistently shown that music and academic achievement are correlated. Music teachers are fond of pointing out the ties between music and mathematics. Practicing and performing music helps kids develop analytical skills that help in other areas of study, and their growing brains absorb and retain these lessons readily.

Music practice also teaches kids how to focus, concentrate and dedicate themselves to tasks. The rewards of music come quickly; being able to perform a piece of music from memory that previously seemed too difficult sets a great example for kids that they can apply to other studies. Practicing music reinforces the concept that practice and study lead to results.

* Music can help kids network and gain opportunities – Music, in most cases, is a social activity. Bands and orchestras range in size from a handful of participants to hundreds, and the social activity inherent to musical collaborations gives kids valuable friendships that will last them throughout their academic careers and beyond. These connections can also lead to opportunities in the future.

In recent years, extracurricular activities have been viewed as extremely beneficial on college resumes. Music experience is a key activity many colleges look for in potential students. Having band or orchestra experience may be the deciding factor that gets a kid into college or earns them a scholarship.

Whether it is piano lessons, a beginners’ band program or anything in between, getting kids involved with music at a young age will help them throughout school and beyond. Moms should check out what opportunities their schools or community resources provide for their kids.

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