5 tips on how to improve communication with your kids

When communicating, one of the most important things you can do is to listen. Not just to what you child is saying, but what they are truly communicating you. By learning what triggers inevitable clamp-downs, you can help prevent situations from arising that end in unnecessary stress or tears.

Here are some simple tips on how to improve communication with your kids that you can incorporate in your day-to-day life no matter what age of child you have.

Be Understanding

Try to remember what it was like growing up. These phases of your life were often fraught with frustration and lack of understanding in what was going on in the world around you. You have become a more compassionate and understanding person because someone was patient with you, and taught you what to expect from different situation. Return that favour to your own children.

Understanding also comes in to effect during punishment. By communicating with your child and finding out what their incentive or motivation for doing something wrong was, you can help get the to heart of the problem by listening and explaining in turn why you may be angry or upset. This can be applied to children of all ages by simply talking things through and remaining calm.

Talk Calmly and Slowly

This leads us to our next point. Always remember to make an active effort to talk calmly and slowly to help prevent defensive actions or miscommunication from arising. These repercussions are two of the leading factors in most arguments and as an adult, you have the ability and responsibility to lead any conversations in the right direction.

Talking calmly and slowly will also help assert your authority, and allow your child to see that you are there to help protect and nurture them. It can take many years for your child to learn this skill for themselves, so be sure to set a good example and allow a positive and encouraging environment for your loved ones to learn from.

Change Your Environment

Similarly, if these previous steps do not work, it may be time to change your environment. Until your children reach adulthood, they may find it difficult to separate themselves from their feelings when they feel overwhelmed or trapped. This is especially critical for parents with children who have anxiety conditions where existing environments can be filled with triggers.

If you find it difficult to communicate with your kids, change the environment as best as you can. This may mean simply moving from one room to the next, or taking them outside for a walk to cool down and accept a new change of pace. These factors will also help you cope on taxing days, and is a great way to wonder what you were even worried about in the first place.

Tips That Help

By taking the time to understand your children, remain calm and collected, and know when to step in and create a change in situation; it won’t be long before you become a master in communication. These life skills will also pass down from generation to generation as a token of your affection and appreciation, so start using them today.


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