Is it bad to quit smoking during pregnancy

Smoking during pregnancy is responsible for a number of health problems for developing babies and neonates. It is estimated that 20% to 30% of babies born with low birth weight and 14% of prematurely born babies are born at risk because their mothers smoked. Smoking is also responsible for 10% of infant deaths and 1000 newborns die every year as a result of their mothers smoking. Smoking is bad for the mother but t is even worse for the developing baby whose vital organs rely on a steady stream of oxygen and nutrition to facilitate the amount of growth that needs to take place. This is why it is worthwhile to explore the process of drug addiction treatment

Smoking introduces a number of dangerous toxins and chemicals like lead, arsenic, nicotine and carbon monoxide into your baby’s body.  Many of the ingredients are carcinogenic and constrict your blood vessels, depriving your growing baby of the nutrition and oxygen required for normal development. These chemicals can pass the placenta, which is supposed to be feeding your baby with nutrients and oxygen in order for him or her to develop normally.

Babies born to mothers who smoke are also more likely to have long term health problems like frequent colds, asthma, middle ear infections and even problems with their physical growth. Babies who are born before 38 weeks gestation have a greater chance of their lungs not being ready for life on earth and may be more susceptible to pneumonia and bronchitis.

Quitting smoking is beneficial to pregnant moms as well, as it will ensure you have more energy and will also keep your blood pressure under control. For many moms using e-cigarettes can act as a bridge to quitting and can make the process easier to manage. E-cigarettes, says a review of Bull Smoke, are available with nicotine-free cartridges so you can enjoy the physical act of smoking without introducing your baby to the poisons in cigarette smoke. Some moms carry on while other find it facilitates them quitting and taking control over their family’s health.

Stopping smoking will ensure your developing baby receives the oxygen she or he needs for proper growth and reduce the chances of a premature delivery. More oxygen and nutrients means your baby will put on more weight and be less likely to be born with a low birth weight. Raising your child in a smoke-free environment also means that your children will be less susceptible to asthma and chronic respiratory infections and have better health in general.

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  1. Writing down your reasons gives a written commitment and thought process about why you need to quit smoking. This will psychologically prepare you for the challenge ahead and make you understand the benefits that you’ll gain from quitting smoking.

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  2. carissa crawford says:

    if u smoke it can effect ur baby too