How to improve the security of your home

Home security is no laughing matter. With the flagging economy, home invasions have become increasingly common throughout the United States. Even safe neighborhoods have experienced break-in problems. Thieves actually target the “nicer” areas with hopes of finding treasure troves of expensive loot.

If you have many valuables at home, you need to take affirmative measures to protect their security. Most homeowners shy away from expensive security systems that come with all the premium bells and whistles. Fortunately, there’s no need to invest in the deluxe package. There are several easy and cheap modifications you can make to your home to greatly increase your security.

1) Window bars

If you live in a single-family home or first-floor apartment, the security of your ground-level windows is a serious concern. Stereotypical images of cat burglars picking front door locks are vastly overstated. The majority of burglars actually break in through unsecured windows. Many first floor windows are wide enough for an able-bodied thief to step through, and there are ways to cut glass without making a sound. It’s simply too tempting.

Even if your windows lock, adding metal bars will greatly increase your security. It’s extremely difficult for thieves to cut through wrought iron bars. If an experienced thief comes equipped with glass cutting tools, chances are he won’t also have a blowtorch capable of melting through the metal. At best, you will deter the potential burglar and send him looking for an easier target.

2) Simple noise alarms

A simple noise-making alarm can be just as effective as an expensive security service. Every night before you go to sleep, just set the alarm so that it sounds if someone tries to forcefully enter through any door or window. The sound will wake you and your family up and alert you to the intrusion. More importantly, it will cause the burglar to flee. Most burglars will be frightened off by loud alarm systems, but just in case: never confront a burglar. Always call the local police as soon as you hear the alarm.

3) Upgrade your locks

A more complicated lock can go a long way towards deterring a break-in. Most simple locks are easy to pick and even easier to break through. You should look into hiring a locksmith to install more complicated locks on all your entry points – windows included. If you keep your doors and windows locked at night, you’ll prevent your home from becoming an easy target.

Bolt locks are great additions to any doorway because they won’t buckle under blunt force trauma. Main entryways should always be equipped with multiple bolt locks for maximum security. There are several Texas locksmiths who specialize in installing these kinds of locks on homes in high-crime areas.

Home security is simpler than you think. It’s always best to take action before you become a victim. With a little proper prior planning, you can avert a tragedy and prevent your home from becoming a cautionary tale.


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  1. You can also get indoor window grilles that might be a less obtrusive security addition, but that any burglar can see means they simply cannot get into your home through a window.

  2. Becca@Locksmith Adelaide says:

    Thanks for sharing this blog. A secured home means a house that is backed up by the alarms or cignals that can make an emergency response by the authority.