Top 5 ways to get the lowest car insurance prices for teens

You may be a parent raising a young adult who’s just taken his or her first foray into the world of driving, or you may be a young driver yourself. Either way, it’s time to begin thinking about insurance, one of the greatest necessities for all drivers. Auto insurance is often more than just a peace of mind payment or a “just in case” plan. For many drivers in the United States and beyond, insurance is required by law and driving uninsured can lead to serious repercussions. Don’t get caught with your pants down. Driving uninsured is risky, and the cost of insurance doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are 5 ways to keep insurance costs down for teen drivers.

  1. The Family Plan
    Insuring a teen driver under the family plan is most common course of action, and often much lower in cost than taking out an entirely new policy. Auto insurance plans are expensive, and often too much for a teen driver or the parents of a teen driver to afford. Some parents may be nervous about adding more to their policies, but this is usually the best compromise.
  2. Light Insurance for Light Driving
    Some insurance companies offer the option of adding a driver to the plan as an occasional, rather than primary, driver. Consider this option if it is available to you. Insurance premiums will often be lower as a result, because the teen driver is not spending as much time behind the wheel. This will likely reflect your real life situation anyway, unless you intend to buy the teens a new car or give them an old one.
  3. Good Student Discounts
    Young drivers who are enrolled in college programs are often eligible for discounts when they achieve a consistently high grade point average in their degree programs. High performance in school reflects a level of maturity that is attractive to insurance providers who often charge higher rates for teen drivers due to their lack of experience behind the wheel. Providing your insurance company with college transcripts at the end of each semester can result in lower premiums on your plan. This could even become an incentive with parents and their teen drivers; increased car privileges for consistent good grades.
  4. Driver’s Education
    Aside from competent performance in college, insurance companies also appreciate a young driver who has taken the time to complete a driver’s ed course. The benefits of these courses are two-fold. The insurance provider will offer lower premiums on your plan, for one, and the teen driver will also receive a competent education in driving that will hopefully lead to years of safe responsible action behind the wheel.
  5. Consider a New Plan
    If your insurance company does not offer this kind of flexibility in rates for insuring teen drivers, consider switching to one that does. Websites like can help you browse for the best policy. Your insurance plan is not a lifetime commitment, so if you can find a better deal from someone other than your current provider, don’t hesitate to make the switch. You may already be paying more than you should.


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