Helping your kids succeed in school

Making sure that your kids do well in school now is the foundation of a good academic career. If you want them to do well in the future, whether it’s high school, college, or beyond–the time to start working is now. Children who develop good study habits early on are more likely to succeed in academics as well as careers later in life. Habits are tough to break, and that goes for good habits as well as bad. Get your kids a head start by building the good habits now and helping them succeed in school.

Lots of children dislike going to school for any number of reasons. If your kids hate going to school every morning, try to find out why. The kids themselves may be able to tell you, but you should also speak to the school faculty to get the full story. By identifying your kids’ reasons for disliking school, you can start to remedy the problem. Kids often feel lonely and outcast in school, so helping them make friends or get into extracurricular activities could be the solution. If they are bored and unmotivated by the classroom material, look into advanced placement courses. You want to make school into a place that your kids enjoy.

If your kids are having trouble with the classroom material, then it is important to get them the help they need to understand everything and succeed. If you can’t help on your own, consider hiring a tutor. Tutors are readily available all over and there are most likely a wealth of individuals and tutoring services in your area that can help your kids get a handle on their classroom material. Children who have trouble paying attention and wrapping their heads around concepts in the classroom often do better in one on one instruction.

Schedule a study time and hold to it every day. Your kids may need a break from books and pencils after spending the whole day at school, but don’t let them drift into laziness or get distracted in the afternoon. An early homework time has numerous benefits. All homework should be finished before you and your kids are too tired to make sense of it. After a short break at home, and a bite to eat of course, get the notebooks back out and have your kids finish their homework while the concepts are still fresh in their heads. This will keep your kids from developing the awful habit of procrastination.

Finally, get involved in school affairs. Attend PTA meetings, talk to the faculty, and attend school assemblies and shows whenever possible. When your children see you getting involved, they will be more interested and excited in the classroom environment. Talk to your children’s counselor–he or she has a master of arts in counseling for a reason. School counselors can offer a multitude of great advice for keeping the youngsters on track and help you plan the next step in their education. Never underestimate the importance of success in school, and keep your kids on the right track.


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