5 beauty tips for moms on the go

Most women will tell you that becoming a mother has been the most satisfying and rewarding experience of their lives. While developing a career, forging a strong marriage, creating a beautiful and welcoming home, and even pursuing other interests (music, sports, gardening, etc.) can all provide fulfillment, there’s nothing quite like the miracle of childbirth to put things into perspective and show you the true meaning of life. Of course, along with the wonder and amazement of watching your kids grow and develop you will have to deal with the demands of daily life, including, in some cases, holding a job, managing a household, and ferrying the kids to daycare, school, and their many activities. In short, it can be difficult for the busy mom to find a few minutes for herself. But if you want to look and feel your best each time you leave the house, it can be done. Here are just a few beauty tips for bustling moms on the go.

  1. The five-minute face. With a few key products you can create a quick and easy makeup routine that won’t have you holding up carpool. A tinted moisturizer (with SPF) is a good place to start, followed by a dusting of powder to set it and remove shine. If you need concealer (for dark circles, blemishes, and so on) tap it on as needed after foundation but before powder. Then dust on a little blush, apply a tinted lip balm or gloss, and sweep on some waterproof mascara. You may not be ready for the red carpet, but in less than five minutes a day you can face the world with confidence.
  2. Primer. You might have time to slap on some makeup in the morning, but as the day goes by you may find that you’re simply too busy to reapply. Luckily, there is a product that can help you. Applying primer will add a step to your routine, the benefits are multiple. First, it will even your skin for smoother application of makeup and help other products to adhere properly. In addition, it acts as a barrier between your skin and your cosmetics to stop oily patches from shining through. Finally, this product will keep your makeup in place throughout the day so that you need not reapply every couple of hours.
  3. Waterless shampoo. If you just don’t have time for a full wash and blowout every morning, try one of the many foams or mists on the market that will perk up your hair in a heartbeat. You just apply the products and towel dry to remove dirt and oil, then style hair as usual. It’s a fast and easy alternative to washing for those mornings when you sleep through the alarm.
  4. Gum. This is one staple that every woman should keep in her purse. But how does it qualify as a beauty product? Since you may not have time to brush your teeth after every meal (and you probably don’t want to carry a toothbrush in your purse anyway) having sugar-free gum on hand will not only freshen your breath, but it can also remove unsightly particles of food from your teeth.
  5. Dress right. Your mom uniform may consist of baggy sweats, track suits, or other gym attire. This is just about as common for new moms as a breast pump and a pelvic floor toner. But it won’t make you feel very good about yourself and it certainly won’t impress anyone who sees you. So skip the sweats and put on a pair of jeans, some cute flats, a nice top (not a tee shirt), and a finisher piece (a structured jacket or cardigan, for example). You’ll look put-together without a lot of effort and this outfit can be just as comfortable as your track suit.


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