How to reverse the aging process naturally

They say that youth is wasted on the young. Once we grow older, we feel the ravages of time and become all too conscious of our health which we used to take for granted. We fight diseases left and right by taking countless drugs and undergoing operations, all in an effort to squeeze as much time as we can in our singular life. Fortunately, we live in an era of incredible scientific discoveries and rapid medical advances.

One such area that is getting a lot of buzz right now is regenerative medicine. This is the study of treatments that can repair damaged tissues or even whole organs to restore their normal functions. Damage can occur due to viral infections, severe trauma, congenital defects, and old age. Researches in this dynamic field are tipped to change the medical landscape forever and lead to better life expectancy across the board.

Regenerative medicine is anchored in stem cell research. Stem cells are the building blocks of the body. These are the elements which in time become our blood cells and tissues. The richest known source of these stem cells is the fetal umbilical cord. Mothers can decide if they want to have their newborn’s cord blood collected for future use in case the child develops life-threatening diseases. Cord blood is quite effective in managing blood ailments like leukemia, as well as immune problems and genetic disorders. This blood can also be given to the parents or the siblings if they become afflicted.

Of course, preliminary testing will have to be done to determine compatibility. The blood must be preserved in special facilities called cord blood banks to maintain their integrity throughout the years until they are needed. Parents should be careful in choosing a facility and conduct a thorough cord blood bank comparison.

A cord blood bank comparison should take many factors into consideration including cost, features, quality of procedures, company experience, customer service, financial stability and reliability. For these it would be helpful to do a background check of each candidate. Read about the history of these banks, their research affiliations, number of years in operation, top executives, preservation strategies, and financial strength.

The reason for this detailed study is that they will be entrusted with a very precious thing that can potentially save a family member’s life. Reliability is of utmost importance when time spans may be counted in decades. Many businesses fold up in just a few years so it is crucial to find one that can defy the odds and continue rendering their services for a very long while.

Read online reviews of these facilities and learn from the feedback given by their clients. Because when it comes to family, settle for nothing but the best.

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