Prepare for a career in the second happiest job in America

Jobs in the apartment industry are thriving and considered to be one of the happiest, most satisfying fields in the country. In a recent survey of 100,000 workers, property manager rankings placed the job as the second happiest job in America.

There are a number of different careers in the apartment industry: property managers, leasing agents, housekeepers and maintenance technicians. Many of these jobs can be started at an entry level with a high school diploma or with an education in other similar fields. Many property managers, for instance, began their careers in other industries such as hospitality, retail and construction.

To go directly into a professional career in the apartment industry, it may be simpler to attend classes specifically in the field. Here are a few of the colleges and universities that offer programs in apartment industry occupations.

Residential Property Management 

There are a number of physical and online programs offering bachelor’s degrees, minors and concentrations in residential property management. Ball State University, however, is the only U.S. university recognized by the National Apartment Association Education Institute to offer a master’s degree program in the field.

For those looking to earn a bachelor’s degree, a minor or an emphasis/concentration in residential property management, programs are available at University of Georgia, Georgia Tech, Georgia Piedmont Technical College, Drexel University, Ball State University, Curry College, University of North Texas and Virginia Tech.

A few community colleges also provide individual courses in residential property management. Those community colleges are Houston Community College and Rio Salado College in Arizona.

To learn more about what colleges offer online coursework in the field, check with the programs listed above or the National Apartment Association: Education Institute.

Maintenance Technicians 

Certified apartment maintenance technician courses are available through Ivy Tech Community College in Indiana, Montgomery College in Maryland and Trident Technical College in South Carolina. Course format and costs vary, so check with these schools to discover more about the program that works best for you. It’s easy to learn more about student loan information and being applying to these programs.

Careers in the Apartment Industry 

Those looking for a career in the apartment industry have a number of different career path possibilities. Property managers, leasing agents and luxury apartment relocation specialists can often find work in the field without a higher education, but will most likely start in entry level jobs. Career progression beyond entry level often happens for employees who are willing to work hard and demonstrate their management capabilities. Professional advancement may be easier for those with minors, bachelor’s degrees or master’s degrees in the field.

Experience in other fields may translate well into apartment industry careers, as well, such as marketing, finance and business.

Pay and Compensation 

Property management companies generally offer competitive pay and benefits compared to the compensation provided in other industries. Often, rent or housing credits are available to residential property managers, as well, which further strengthens the compensation package.

Check with other apartment management companies in your area for information about the qualifications, experience and education they require, as well as current job openings.

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