Toys on Ebay to buy more toys

A friend of mine sent me the link to her son’s eBay auctions (no he’s not a teenager he’s not even in school yet I don’t believe unless it’s kinder. Forgive me it’s early for me.

Anyway, he wants new toys and he’s figured out a way to do it: Trevor’s eBay Auctions Little entrepreneur if you ask me. :-)  Now you can take this one of a few ways.

1) Great shopping opportunity to get some great toys at a very reasonable price. (Ok, so it’s my little plug to help Trevor out.  :) )

2) This is a great idea to use for your own kids to get them to understand the value of money and let them earn for the items they want.

3) This is an example of someone who can make an income from home, young or old.  If you truly have a desire for something, you will go out and get it even if you have to give up a few other things in the process.

Go Trevor!  I hope you reach your goal!

Great life lesson if you ask me.  Here’s the link again to Trevors eBay Auctions

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