VTech Love it/Hate it

Ok, I bought the VTech Learning System for my kids when it first came out and well needless to say it died. The power just stopped working. We bought an adapter and it worked fine for a short time. We went out and bought another game I tried the adapter and the system didn’t work right out of the box. So I took it back and exchanged it hoping the third times a charm. It worked for a few months stopped working after the 90 day warranty you get.

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s a great tool for learning. My kids really enjoyed it and we bought a lot of the game cartridges. It’s just hard to justify spending so much on a product and it’s accessories for it not to work for long.

After having all those games sitting there my little 4 year old says she want to play the “orange game” as she calls it. So, after much hesitation and months of not having one, I gave in.

I went to Wal-Mart (cause I know the return policy) and found that there is a new VTech Learning System. One of the things that is different is that the controller also has a small screen on it with a stylus, a microphone on the base of the game and some new features, the batteries it uses are no longer “C”s they are “AA”s now which I was surprised at. But sometimes it does still seem a bit on the quirky side not wanting to power on.

I sure hope this last awhile. These are not inexpensive items. I don’t think I’ll be buying anymore game cartridges for a while though. I’ll tell you one thing, if this one goes that it! the game cartridges will go on ebay. I’m not doing this anymore.

UPDATE: Ok the last one just died. The cartridges will go on eBay. If you’re interested in some discounted cartridges I’ll post on the blog when I get them listed along with a few other VTech items.

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