How to cut your family budget when money is tight

Plenty of Americans are dealing with a little more of a restricted budget, and even though the economy is faring better than it was a few years ago, money is still tight in plenty of places and for plenty of people. When money gets tight, it’s important to know the right strategy that will help you avoid hitting rock bottom and can mean making the most out of your savings account. Tough times typically means giving up a few things, so we’ll talk about some of the first expenses you and your family might want to think about cutting when money gets a little tighter than you’d like it to be.

Unnecessary expenses might be a little more of a broad category than you think, as well. For example, there are plenty of ways that you can keep yourself cool without using expensive, energy-draining appliances like the heater or the air conditioning. In fact, these are two of the first luxuries that you can do away with if you really want to slice a chunk out of your monthly expenses.

Of course, expensive outings and treats should be cut back on as well. Instead of heading out and renting a movie, have a family game night. Visit a park, go on a hike, or do any number of things that are not only free, but are good for you and help you connect with your environment and the city in which you live.

Subscriptions to things like Netflix might seem like a great way to enjoy some free entertainment, but things like Netflix and Hulu Plus should be among the first things you think about getting rid of. They might seem like inexpensive monthly purchases, but those kinds of things add up, and can make a big difference in the long haul. Rather than watch movies and television, you and your family can enjoy free things available at public libraries, or even explore some parts of your city that you might not have seen yet.

Eating healthy foods is another great way to save money when things get rough. The better eat, the less you need to eat. It’s also easier to find cheap, natural, and healthy foods. Visit your local farmer’s market to find some of the best deals on locally-grown, organic produce. These groceries are far better than what you’d find in the store, and typically cost a fraction of the price. You’ll see, that when you shift your family’s diet in a more natural, healthy, and regular direction, you’re able to cut the need for constant, expensive snacking throughout the day.

Plenty of solutions to tough financial times are easier and less strenuous than you might think. From shopping at bulk store (kids love free samples check it out, and you’ll save a ton on your groceries) to soliciting the local farmer’s market, there are a ton of ways to cut back while improving your life at the same time. Many of the answers to living more frugally involve increased sustainability in the long run, which means that you and your family live more efficiently.


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