Snugglies as a Business

I’m sure you have seen these adorable soft snugglies. They take no sewing at all. Learn how to make them and you can turn it into a business venture. A friend of mine first introduced them to me a few months ago when she sent my kids each one as a gift.

I had never seen them before and they just love them. For weeks, they wouldn’t leave the house without them. So, when I came across an ebook that shows you how to make them I thought I’d share it with you.

Just take a look:

Learn how to start this fun business!

I’m not much of a seamstress so anything that takes no sewing is a great idea if you ask me. They are so soft. Snugglies is the best word for them. What a great baby shower gift idea that would be.

My son has grown so much since he received his, I’m going to have to make him a bigger one :-) and my daughter still carries her with her, always wants her “big hearts” blankie.

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