Do you like to get samples in the mail?

I do. I’m a sample junkie. I don’t get samples I can’t use or know I won’t but I do love to get shampoos, lotions and other items I can put to good use. There are a ton of places to find samples on but sometimes you don’t get the samples just a lot of spam in your inbox. I hate that. Don’t you?

Today, I thought I’d share a couple of sites that regularly have free samples offered and it doesn’t cost you anything not even space in your inbox. :-) always sends their samples. I love getting those little Wal-Mart boxes in my mailbox and they don’t send you emails unless you agree to give them feed back on the product you request, but you can mark NO and they will still send the sample. It’s a great way to try out new products. They change frequently so make sure you bookmark the page: (you’ll have to copy and paste that link)

Another site I like is: Start Here though you become a member and log in to see the new samples available. I’ve received lots of magazines and other items. They want your feedback too and so you do that on the site. You won’t get spam from them either or the company whose sample you are trying out. Here’s that link for you: (you’ll have to copy and paste that one into your browser too) If you don’t want to get emails from their partners be sure you uncheck the box that reads: Our carefully selected partners may contact you with special offers that may be of interest to you.

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