Every Mom Should Read This

I was sitting holding my 6 year old in my arms rocking him slowing the other day and a book that I have came to mind. I haven’t pulled it off my shelf in awhile and read it, not because it isn’t a great book but I can’t seem to get through it without tears filling my eyes.

The story of a parent’s love, time passage and a new tradition. The book is entitled, LOVE YOU FOREVER written by Robert Munsch and is illustrated by Sheila McGraw. I won’t give the story away but if you are a mom this is a must read, especially if you have a son although it applies to all parents.

Pick it up if you can. It can be found here for under $5 or in your local library but I can almost guarantee that if you read it once you’ll want to buy and keep your own copy. This would be a fantastic gift for any and all moms.

If you don’t believe me just check out some of the Reviews: LOVE YOU FOREVER

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  1. “Love You Forever”, a must have in your home library…..I’m NanaX3 and picked this up at Scholastic booksale. Had to get an extra one for my niece for her to read to her kids. It pulls your hearstrings!!!!!