Add some unique items to your company’s promo giveaways

Inexpensive freebies that promote your company and its logo have long been the marketing tool of choice for businesses of all sizes. Whether at public events and trade shows or just within the offices themselves giving away things like pens and coffee mugs is a great way to provide potential customers with a useful item that keeps the brand in their mind long after they first receive it. But these days many consumers are looking for more than just a company that provides free gifts. They want to know someone they do business with is environmentally friendly, and giving away hundreds of plastic pens that use dangerous chemicals to make and crowd up our landfills does not make the best impression. Instead there are alternative products out there that are unique in their design and function but also eco-friendly so people receiving them develop a good opinion of your company in terms of environmental stewardship. provides amazingly eco friendly bottles in a variety of styles for use in business promotional campaigns. These bottles differ from the traditional cheap plastic water bottles that companies have been dishing out at trade shows for years. A Custom Earth Promos bottle is made of either stainless steel or chemical and bpa free plastic designed to be washable and reusable indefinitely. This keeps trash out of landfills and lessens the impact of manufacturing on the environment. Organic coloring provides you with an array of design possibilities include matching caps, logos displayed on the bottle and more.

For businesses seeking an even more original and not often-seen promo item look no further than unique seed cards. These personalized cards are made from seed paper, one of the most environmentally friendly paper products there is. Seed paper is made from natural ingredients and has actual plant seeds embedded in the material. This gives it a unique rough texture like it came straight out of nature and when the user is finished they can even plant the paper and let the seeds grow. It is the ultimate form of eco-friendly recycling. Seed cards are made from this specialty paper in a variety of forms including post cards, business cards and envelopes. Like normal stationary they are entirely customizable to show off your business exactly how you desire. Colors are not a problem thanks to natural organic dyes and like real paper the cards can be cut to any size or shape. It is truly one of the most unique and eye-catching ways to engage potential customers.

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