Is driving school worth it

There comes a time in every teen’s years when they start driving; an exciting time for teens and a source of unending stress for mothers. For teenagers, driving is a symbol of independence, freedom, and boundless potential for fun and excitement. For moms, on the other hand, it is a headache that never seems to subside. Learning to be a safe and responsible driver doesn’t happen overnight. Some teens are more inclined than others in this direction, but for most the process of learning to drive well takes time. Often, driving school is one of the best options for beginning drivers, but you may have doubts about how well it will really equip your teens for the road.

Driving school can be a great place to start. The rules of the road are complicated and often unclear, and even seasoned drivers may be confused by certain rules or regulations. Many parents, moms and dads alike, teach their children to drive themselves, but this may not be the best plan. Consider how well you really know the traffic laws and rules of the road. Have you ever been pulled over for making an illegal turn that you thought was perfectly safe? Even if you haven’t been caught, chances are high that you’ve done it. Driving school will give teens a solid foundation for driving practices from those who are most knowledgeable.

However, it is important to understand at the same time what driving school does not do. Driving school will not instantly turn your teen into the safe, responsible young driver of your dreams. In order to gain the level of maturity needed to be dependable behind the wheel, your teen drivers need further input. They need you. Have a long talk with your kids about the risks and responsibilities that go hand in hand with driving. When you get behind the wheel, you put your life on the line, as well as the lives of those around you. Things like driving under the influence and talking or texting on the phone will driving are extremely dangerous and irresponsible. Every teen should understand this before jumping behind the wheel.

One of the main benefits of driving school, aside from the solid foundation of driving knowledge it provides, is the effect it will have on your insurance. Adding a teen driver to your policy can be expensive, but teens who have completed a driving education program get significantly reduced rates. Good grades in school can also be used to get discounts. Shop for online insurance quotes to make sure you’re getting the best deal and the best coverage for your family. This is one thing that driving school will definitely help.

Overall, driving school is universally beneficial for young drivers, but always remember that it is a foundation for becoming a good driver, not the whole package. Becoming a good driver requires experience and maturity, and the only way your kids can learn these things is through frank discussions and quality time behind the wheel.

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