How to make your boobs look bigger naturally

Many clinics offer breast enhancement surgery, but there are ways to plump up your puppies naturally. Check out these five titillating tips and enjoy juicier jugs in an instant:

Wear the right bra

First and foremost, it’s essential to wear the right sized bra – so get measured in every shop. Ask a highly-trained bra fitting assistant to help you out and try on every undergarment (to make sure your assets have enough support). A decent boulder holder should sit neatly between your breasts and must not rise up at the back. The straps shouldn’t dig in and there should be no wrinkles in the cup. If your underwear’s too big or too small, your bosoms will not look their best, so it’s worth hitting the shops.

Spice up your lingerie draw

Once you’ve bought a few regular bras, why not spice up your lingerie draw? Choose something glamorous and boost your bust in style. There are plenty of water bras out there and gel numbers can really do the job. Cleavage enhancing underwear’s also popular, so check out what’s available online and in store. If you don’t fancy anything too adventurous, frills, pleats, buttons and bows can also add volume to your chest as can subtle padding.

Stand up straight

Experts believe you can enhance your chest naturally – and they seem to be right. Standing up tall can make all the difference, so elongate your spine, push your shoulders back and flaunt your assets (no matter what their size). Be proud of your body and show it off with your head held high at all times. Slumping over your computer and lounging around the house is not good for your posture, so take steps to improve your shape.


Before checking in for a boob job at a reputable clinic, try working out on a regular basis. Exercise your pectoral muscles frequently and try toning up your bust. Consult a personal trainer for help and try doing a set of press ups in the morning and before you go to bed. If you can’t stand the gym, go swimming instead as this exercises all the major muscle groups in your body. A few lengths of breast stroke could make all the difference, so join your local gym today.

Breast implants can transform your bust your from an A cup to a D cup overnight, but a few simple tweaks can improve your melons – without going under the knife.

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