How to dress your daughter for the occasion

There are a few special occasions in a teen girl’s life that she will remember forever. Among these are those special celebrations in high school, such as Homecoming, the winter formal and the prom. Every young woman naturally wants to look her best for these occasions.

Moms can provide much needed guidance and advice to daughters who are trying to figure out what style of pageant dresses to buy. Here are some helpful tips about choosing the right style for your daughter.

Before you do anything else, check the school’s dress policy. Some schools are stricter than others regarding dresses that may seem too provocative. For example, strapless dresses may be disallowed and the hemline may be required to be below the knee. You should learn the exact guidelines and stick to them; otherwise, your daughter may be sent home on that special night.

Choosing the Color

Deep, rich jewel tones, such as ruby, emerald, and sapphire are big this year, but when it comes to dress color, help her choose one that flatters her skin tone and eyes. If she has red hair, steer her towards dress shades of blue, green or gold for the most flattering look. If her eyes are blue or green, choose the dress shade that best brings out those colors. Avoid red, orange, coral and hot pink colors as these may clash with her hair color.

Blond haired girls with fair skin should avoid pale yellows or black as these colors can make them look washed out. All other colors are fair game, but consider a blue dress if she has blue eyes.

Brown-haired women and those with a medium to dark skin tone look great in vibrant gemstone colors and metallic.

Choosing the Style

The dress style should hang well on her body and match her personality. Wearing a dress she feels good in will boost her confidence and others will notice this. Girls who are a little heavy around the middle may look thinner in a dress with an empire waist. When your daughter is trying on dresses, stand back and take an objective look.

Ask what catches your eye the most. If it is a trouble spot on her body, such as disproportionately wide hips, then consider a different style of dress. Have her move around in the dress and perform actions, such as bending over to pick something off the floor. A dress should allow natural movement without indecently exposing her, gapping or pinching.

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