Best places in the us to raise kids

Where would you choose to move in, settle down, and raise a family if you were given the choice? Would you know what to look for in a prospective home to give your kids the best possible upbringing? For many parents this choice is not available, but if you have the good fortune of being able to choose where to raise your kids, consider some of these areas as possibilities. The perfect place will depend on what you want for your family, but these are some of the most ideal towns.

  1. Austin, Texas
    When most people think of Texas, they imagine hot days, dry stretches of desert, and cowboys, but this city is something of a unique gem in one of the largest states in America. Austin is a temperate town with beautiful green everywhere and plenty of parks for outdoor play. The school system in Austin encourages outdoor activity and arts education, helping to solidify the city’s position as a main player in the arts and music. Easy commuting makes it easy for parents to balance their work and family lives, making this a great place to bring up children.
  2. Burlington, Vermont
    Just outside the hustle and bustle of east coast cities like New York and Boston lies this lovely city attracts many newcomers through the University of Vermont and brings them back when it comes time to start a family. Burlington is very much an outdoorsy town, with lots of fun summer activities as well as winter fun in the snow. Children get to take field trips to local farms in school and enjoy garden grown vegetables in their lunches.
  3. Arlington, Virginia
    Located just across the river from Washington DC, the Arlington area is sometimes ignored by parents who are turned off by the capitol city’s reputation for crime in its rougher neighborhoods, but this city is actually one of the best places in the country to raise a family. The vast amount of government jobs available results in a very low unemployment rate, which is good for both parents and children. Arlington’s educational system is surprisingly strong as well, with 90 percent of high school graduates going on to universities and colleges.
  4. Madison, Wisconsin
    For good old fashioned clean living, it’s pretty tough to compare to this quiet northern town. Crime rates and unemployment are both low in Madison, which gives your family a sense of safety and security. The clean air will make you want to stay forever, and the farmer’s market provides one of the most wholesome and enjoyable community experiences in the country. Many families flock to Madison when they seek a balance between the excitement of urban living and the serenity of quiet green towns.
  5. Portland, Maine
    Both of the northern coastal Portlands in the United States are great places to raise children, but Maine’s own is one of the most overlooked.¬†City guides¬†will tout the quaint historical feel of this town and its many cobbled streets, but what really attracts parents looking to raise kids are the statistics. Very low crime in Portland and one of the top educational systems in the country make this chilly Maine town of the best places in the US to raise children.


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