Potty training success tips

Potty training is just one of the many difficulties of raising children that parents have to face. If you’re feeling uncertain about the best ways to get your kids out of diapers and into the bathroom, consider these tips for successful potty training and make the transition more easily.

  1. Give Them a Reward
    Some parents like to give their kids a piece of candy or a lollipop every time they make a successful trip to the bathroom. If you’re feeling skittish about giving your kids too many sweets, a growing concern among parents, find something else. Whatever you choose, the spirit is the same–reward them for a job well done.
  2. Remind Them Frequently
    Kids aren’t used to thinking about going to the bathroom. In infancy, it’s not even a consideration because it’s always taken care of for them. Your children are going to have to get used to making a trip to the bathroom when they have to go, so keep it in their minds as much as possible. Ask them frequently if they have to use the bathroom, and they’ll more easily get accustomed to the new routine.
  3. Stop Drinking Early
    Wetting the bed is one of the biggest inconveniences for parents during the potty training process, and it can be very embarrassing for the children themselves. You can reduce instances of this and make progress on successful potty training by cutting off the beverages early. If the kids go to bed at 8:00, do your last call for juice or milk at 6:30. This is one of the best time-tested parental strategies for potty training success, so put away the sippy-cups early to help your toddlers get used to living diaper-free.
  4. Make It Fun
    Let’s face it, going to the bathroom isn’t very exciting whether it’s in luxurious lavatory or bare-bonesĀ basement toilets. Kids love to play games, so make going to the bathroom fun for them and they’ll be more apt to make quick progress. It may sound strange, but some parents have had good results putting Cheerios or other cereals in the toilet and letting the kids make a game out of “sinking” them. Leaving some of their favorite books or toys in the bathroom can help as well. The idea is to make this process fun for your kids. If you can do that, they’ll get right on board.
  5. Start Training Early
    Potty training is going to take time–that goes without saying. Children grow up without the need to use the toilet because mom and dad are always there to pamper and change them. When they learn to use the toilet on their own, the kids are going through a major lifestyle change. Give them ample time to get used to using the toilet by starting early. As soon as children acquire the coordination, motor skills, and social awareness of toddlers, it might be good to start them on potty training right away.


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