Fun Stuff for Kids

I was just looking over some freebies sites I like to check out for ideas on what I can do with my kids. There are lots of free learing tools, printables and coloring pages available online. Do your kids like to color? If you need some time to get some work done, why not print out a few pages and hand them some crayons. Or better yet, make time to sit and color a few pages with your kids. Quality time and a time to make memories..

Here are a few sites for printable coloring pages:

Fisher-Price – if you have Peanuts fans in your house like I do, they are going to love this site.

Have some fun with crafts, games, projects and snacks:

Sesame Street Workshop
Printable Crafts for Kids this is a great site with your kid’s favorite charaters, printables, crafts and more.

Want to sneak some learning in there amongst the fun, try these sites:

Baby Bumble Bee
Number Buddies

Have fun, enjoy your time with your kids and be a kid for a little while, I won’t tell.

If you know of any other sites leave a comment I’d love to check them out.

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