Quit smoking for your children

Your children and loved ones are affected by smoking, there’s no way to deny that. Smoking isn’t only harmful to yourself, through second-hand smoke it also affects those around you. Recent studies have shown that even ‘third hand’ smoking might be a problem. The term refers to the residue that cigarette smoke leaves on surfaces and food that can easily be absorbed through the skin or mouth by others, especially unwary children. This residue consists mostly of carcinogens and other harmful substances that your children, particularly small ones can be seriously affected by.

Smoking is bad for you and bad for those around you, which is why there has been so much research on recovery from addiction. It takes a heavy toll on your body and contaminates those around you. It makes your clothes smell, your breath stink and favors the growth of plaque on your teeth. Worst of all are the medical side effects. You are more likely to get a heart attack as a smoker, you are more likely to have a stroke and there is also the matter of lung cancer. Cigarettes also have formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, tar, heavy metals and other harmful substances in them. Why then doesn’t everybody quit? The answer is nicotine.

Nicotine is the addictive substance in cigarettes and the one all smokers crave. Its effects on your body in the absence of smoke are debatable although medical consensus seems to be on the side of overwhelmingly negative so far. That however is slowly changing with most physicians accepting Nicotine Replacement Therapy as one of the primary means to cut back smoking in heavy smokers.

NRT has been around for a while but has become increasingly promoted due to the development of e cigarettes. E-cigs like the blu cig are an easy way to get the exact nicotine dose required and cut back on rampant smoking. E cig users don’t crave cigarettes anymore as they are puffing at something that looks and tastes similarly As e-cigarettes emit nothing but water vapor, there is no danger to your children for smoking these indoor. While initially you can puff high nicotine cartridges and get as much of a cigarette buzz as with actual cigarettes, pretty soon you will be cutting down without even trying. Many people that have quit tobacco and nicotine altogether are still puffing no-nicotine e-cigs simply for the sensation.

Smoking is bad for you and your children so its high time to quit. And while most quitting plans fail with the help of your family’s support, an e-cig and NRT you could be tobacco free by next year.

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