Wish you could communicate better with your baby?

I have, that’s why when I had my kids, I decided teaching my babies sign language was the way to go for me. It has in recent years become very popular not only for parents to teach their own children but as a work at home option as well. Keep reading and you will understand what I’m talking about. :)

What if you’re little toddler, who wasn’t talking yet, told you he was thirsty and would like some juice? Another scenario…you’re toddler, who isn’t talking yet is crying and screaming and throwing a fit and you have no idea what they want. You get frustrated, wonder again why it was you wanted to become a parent and almost start to cry.

Which scenario would you rather be in?

Believe it or not, that first scenario can happen and is happening around the country. Teaching sign language to hearing babies is getting more and more media attention. Because of this there is a need for instructors who can teach parents this new form of communication.

Have you ever thought about starting a business where you could work with babies and or parents? Can you imagine how rewarding a business teaching sign language classes to parents would be? You could have parents calling you up the first time their little one signed to them, thanking you for providing such an incredible service. Word of mouth is a wonderful way to get the word out about your business. You have one or two very satisfied customers and they will tell a lot of future customers to sign up for your classes.

Diane Ryan, the founder of kindersigns has over 20 years of experience in speech/language pathology, and if you choose, you can have Diane give you the one on one help to get your own Kindersigns business going. And before you think that learning sign language just sounds too hard think again. It will only take you a few hours to learn the signs you need to teach this program. You won’t be teaching babies complicated sentences…remember, they are just babies and they will just be using one or two words to get across what they need.

Kindersigns is one of the oldest and most respected baby sign language opportunity available. Click here to learn more about the Kindersigns Career Kit .


Even if you don’t think teaching sign language to parents is the way to go. I really encourage you to learn more about the benefits sign language can give your baby.

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