Latest kids birthday party themes

There used to be a time when you could order a few pizza pies and an ice cream cake, blow up some balloons and hang some streamers and you’d have all you need for a successful kid’s birthday party. Okay, maybe you had some music, or a magician or a clown if it was a super special occasion. But today’s birthday parties have grown into affairs that could be featured in the center spread of home design magazines. You don’t always have the financial wherewithal to hire a ball pit or a petting zoo for your little bundle of love, but there are some incredible trends in kids’ parties that are fun and affordable at the same time. So if you really want to shower your child with affection on his or her special day, check out some of the latest birthday party trends for children.

First of all, the hot dog and chicken tender parties are a thing of the past. Today’s children grow up watching The Food Network with their parents and learn about environmental sustainability and seasonal eating at school. So one trend is to offer healthier varieties and more adult options. These will never take the place of birthday cake, and you’ve got to feature your child’s favorites. But consider grilled vegetables, fresh fruit, yummy salads and even sushi for those increasingly adult palates. At the very least it will insure that the grownups have a better time!

This is the time of year that most people are dreaming of snow, even if they live in Southern California. But did you know you can turn your kid’s birthday party into a miniature ski vacation regardless of the time of year? Hop online and you’ll find snow blowing companies that can be hired to come create sledding hills in your yard on even very warm days. The kids love it, and it gives them an outdoor activity that will keep them entertained for the whole afternoon. And there’s no cleanup, because the snow will just melt away. Follow the theme through with snow cones and hot chocolate, and your child’s birthday will be a winter wonderland celebration even in the middle of the summer.

Take a look at the Nielsen ratings and you’ll see an obvious trend in television popularity. Shows like “American Idol”, “The Voice”, “X Factor” and “Dancing With the Stars” lead the way all year long. So set up a birthday party that’s themed around one of these shows. It obviously only works if your child is a natural performer, but all it takes is a karaoke machine and a couple of microphones. The kids can even create signs for the ‘judges’ to use, and if you buy some fun prizes for all of the ‘contestants’ everyone will go home happy. Just make sure you get the G-rated Karaoke machine, so you avoid receiving any angry phone calls from the parents after the party.

Finally, consider other themed parties that involve getting the kids dressed up. You can easily base this on your child’s favorite things, whether that is football, Disney princesses, superheroes, knights and maidens or the wild west. Themed decorations are easy enough to find and kids costumes aren’t terribly expensive, so the other parents should be able to support your ideas. Depending on the theme your child wants, the costumes might even be able to come straight out of the closet. Just make sure that there are games that surround the theme and get all the kids participating as well. If you can follow the theme through in the food and the music it will be an event everyone will remember for years to come.


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