Tips on teaching computers to kids

If you’ve got little kids and you’ve also got a computer, you’ve probably got some little kids that are pretty interested in using your computer. Especially when they see you doing it. While the thought of your little one using that expensive machine might very well make you cringe, it’s actually a smart idea to start introducing your young kids to the computer as a way of teaching them how to be responsible with it. This also teaches them how to start using something which has certainly become one of the most ubiquitous tools in the modern world. The following tips will help you have an easy time introducing your little ones to the computer so they can learn how to use it properly, have a great time doing it, and know not to destroy your considerably expensive machinery.

1. Let them Sit on Your Lap. Perhaps the best way to start getting your kids used to the computer is by letting them sit on your lap whilst you use it. This will allow them to get a good introductory feel for exactly what the computer is, how it works, and what it’s like to use one. Their observation of your use of the computer will help them get a good idea of which things do what, and they’ll have less of a learning curve when they’re ready to try using the computer on their own.

2. Try Out Typing. After your child has spent a few computer sessions on your lap, you might want to introduce them to actually interacting with the computer physically. Open up something like a blank document in your word processing application, and let your child type away on the keyboard. Not only is this just plain and simple fun for your little one, but it gives them a great introduction to how the keyboard works, and when they start to learn how to read they’ll have a much easier time putting everything together. At that point, the keyboard will also be able to serve as a very effective educational aid.

3. Show Them the Mouse. When the keyboard has been well-understood, you can put your little one’s hand on the mouse and let them play around with the cursor on the screen. Their interaction with the mouse will help them work on their hand-eye coordination, as well as work towards developing those little motor skills. You don’t need to teach your kids about what a SFP-10G-SR for them to learn something awesome about computers — simply seeing how the mouse works is enough to make a little kid happy.

4. Give Them Some Shortcuts. Put some cute shortcuts on your desktop for the things that your kids like, so they can have an easy time pointing and clicking to get to the activities they enjoy the most on your computer. This will also perhaps work towards avoiding your children clicking around and potentially getting into any important documents or work.

5. Get Some Educational Software. When your child is starting to really get used to using the computer, you should get him or her some educational software to help nurture that growing intellect. Your little ones are growing and learning all the time, and when you teach them how to use the computer you give them access to a staggering amount of resources and tools that can help them do these things better. Follow these few tips, and you’ll have an easy time teaching your kids how to use the computer.


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