Benefits of a family road trip

Although air travel will get you there quicker, nothing beats a family road trip. Being able stop and see the sights on the way, explore new areas, and share close quarters on the road compose the building blocks to forming a memorable family vacation that will stay with you and your kids forever. When considering the financial implications, practicalities, and ease of travel, the best vehicle to use is one hand-picked from the lines of Class B Motorhomes. This article will examine the Class B Motorhome’s status as the family’s “home away from home”, and will look at some exciting ways to engage your children on the open road.

Class B Motorhome VS the RV

Bigger is not always better. Having a Class B Motorhome has many advantaged over its mammoth cousin that include

·      Better gas mileage
·      They are easier to drive
·      They don’t restrict you when it comes to parking them
·      Cheaper to repair and service
·      They can park easily into your garage or driveway
·      Cheaper to insure
·      They can travel to places RVs can’t (such as narrow country roads)

Not only will a Class B Motorhome be gentle on your wallet, it will remove much of the stress that comes with operating an RV. Although they are smaller, rest assure you are not giving up on comfort and luxury. Many models have living areas, kitchens, beds, showers and other amenities you have at home.

Are we there yet?

We have all heard this nagging question from our kids when driving for prolonged periods of time. Kids will say his because they are bored and don’t feel engaged with the people in the front seats (you the parent). In an article published by USA Todaythe author examines ways to engage your kids and make use of the rare opportunity for you to spend time with them when the distractions of TV, video games, phone calls, and friends are left at home.  The article advises parents to give their kids a say as to what spots and points of interest you visit. If your 12 year-old is determined to see the Mid West’s largest ball of twine, then go check it out and make his voice feel important! Also, kids are likely to have their iPods on hand, and parents should be encouraged to play their kid’s music (if it is bearable). Also, since the parents will be up front driving the motorhome, there won’t be any eye contact between you and your teens. According to the author, this might provide them with a rare opportunity to open up to you and talk to you about their feelings when they normally wouldn’t.  As a parents, just be sure to initiate dialogue this with sensitive caution.

Custom Comfort 

Whether you buy new or pre-owned, make sure you speak with your motorhome sales expert and get something customized to your unique family’s needs. If dad likes to fish, your son engages in rock-climbing and you and your daughter scuba dive, make sure to get a motorhome that will cater to your activities, and accommodate storage space, as well as all the comforts from home that you can take with you. To achieve this you don’t have to go big and lavish with an expensive RV. Just be practical and efficient and make your space work for you. Once you have your family’s dream motorhome fueled and ready to hit the road, all that is left is for you and your family to work together and start collecting those amazing memories.

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