How to throw a girl slumber party

A sleepover is a rite of passage for a young person. There is nothing like the chance to go off to someone else’s home and gather with a bunch of your friends for what you know will be a fun night.  And as a parent, it can be just as fun finding great ideas and throwing the ultimate girls slumber party.

One of the first things you will need for your party will be an invitation. You can buy cards in a store, or you can have some fun with your kids and make homemade invitations. Make them unique by cutting out magazine photos of slumber party things like ice cream and pizza, movie titles and pictures, maybe some fun words like ‘makeovers’ or ‘gift baskets’ and paste them onto wildly cut out shapes of card stock paper. Make them whatever crazy size and shape you want and just send them in manila envelopes covered in stamped images or stickers.

Once the invites are out it is time to make a plan for your activities. Some fun slumber party ideas are:

·         Baking and decorating cookies or other fun treats

·         Makeovers

·         Mix fun (kid friendly) drinks

·         Host your own awards show complete with personal awards for each girl

·         Make some unique jewelry to commemorate the night

·         Snow painting with food coloring (if it is winter time)

·         Backyard paint balloon art (if it is warmer weather)

·         Make it a murder mystery slumber party where each guest plays a role

Games can also be fun but make sure that they are something everyone can participate in. Minute-to-Win-It type games are great because there is something for everyone and you can do as few, or many as you like. A scavenger hunt can also be a fun and unique idea for a party. The girls can go it alone, or work in teams to find things around the house or even outdoors if the weather permits.

Making gift bags for your guests is becoming a trend too. For a slumber party put things in the bags the girls might use at the party like fun tooth brushes, sleep masks, or cute slippers. You could also get girls pajamas from and let the girls put on a fashion show complete with lights, crazy hairdos, and fun music.

Once the crazy activities have happened and you are looking for the girls to settle down for bed, find a great PG movie and pop it in. They will be entertained but start to relax and calm down for the night. Some great movie suggestions are

·         The Princess Diaries

·         Enchanted

·         Hoodwinked

·         The Parent Trap (original or newer version)

·         Flicka (new version)

·         Bedtime Stories

·         Big Fat Liar

·         Freaky Friday (New version)

·         Tangled

Slumber parties don’t have to end just because you grow up. In fact, planning what will go on at a slumber party may be even more fun. With some unique ideas you can through a slumber party for everyone to enjoy, including you!

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