Valentine’s day activities for kids

What grandmother out there wouldn’t be thrilled to bits to receive a bouquet of flowers from her grandchildren? Although married couples and lovers traditionally celebrate Valentine’s Day, there are recipients who could still feel the sweet kiss of Cupid’s little arrow via your children’s love. Grandmothers or spinster aunts would be deeply moved to receive a flower arrangement from your little ones, and GlobalRose Valentine’s Day Flowers is one such place that is readily on hand for you and your kids to access and explore to find that perfect gift for Grandma and Aunty.

Educate your Kids Before Picking your Posies

Educating your children about Valentine’s Day is a great way for them to learn something while doing a practical action based around the learning process—such as giving Grandma her flowers. In school your kids will probably make little boxes out of construction paper and then deliver Valentine’s Day cards to everyone in the classroom. But explaining the holiday further to your kids could be a rewarding experience. In an article published by Family Education, the author tells parents to be clear about their own feelings towards Valentine’s Day. Is it a religious day for you? Are family members expected to get presents? How do you feel about the increasing commercialism of the day? Determining for yourself if you really do care about the Roman martyr St. Valentinus and the Catholic Church’s attempt to supersede the pagan holiday of Lupercalia by installing Valentine’s Day, or if you just like any excuse to give away flowers, chocolates and stuffed bears, is entirely up to you, but will make the celebration process more clear for you when explaining its fundamentals to your children. If you feel comfortable enough to educate your children on the different ways people choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day, it could be a fun experience for them. Just imagine your little one handing Grandma a dozen roses while saying, “Granny, although I may not care about the venerated saint who stood for courtly love, I love you, and present you with these roses”. Whatever Grandma’s beliefs may be, she will be tickled as pink!

A Rose by Any Other Name…

…would smell as sweet? Shakespeare obviously was more of a master craftsman with the English language, and not too keen of an expert on roses, as there are many beautiful varieties that are perfect for Valentine’s Day. The Romantic Antike rose is a dusty pink variety that is perfect for those who want something that stands apart from the traditional red roses. Or perhaps Grandma would want something like the Carrousel rose that has lots of movement with its pink petals outlined in tones of red. Your child’s aunt may be touched to get something more traditional and sentimental like the Wanted Hearts red garden roses. You and your child will not only have fun learning about the history of celebrating Valentine’s Day, but when finding the right online flower provider, you will have countless options when it comes to giving that special family member a beautiful bouquet of flowers that will warm the heart.

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